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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3, Picaso

Last time, Jessica became pregnant again and the family moved to a house. They had twin boys who were named Mats and Calle who grew up to toddlers and then children. Jessica Jr learned all she needed to know and grew up to child. The family lived in a filthy chaos but were mostly happy anyway. Parties were had and the cleaning was done with child labour. Eventually they had another set of twin boys, Abbe and Georg.

Jessica Picaso, Family/Romance, LTW Golden Anniversary
Mats Picaso, Popularity/Romance, LTW Hall of Famer
Jessica Picaso, child
Mats Picaso, child
Calle Picaso, child
Abbe Picaso , baby
Georg Picaso, baby

This is a big family and we do not have high hopes for an impeccable score. We’ll just do what we can, and we start with the Jessicas.
Upon reinstallation of the Sims 2 to our new computer we have the shadow glitch. Later in the week we found a remedy, so don’t worry!

The Matses hang out

While fulfilling a woohoo wish we remember that we need to install ACR and InTeen again, but it was not done during the Picaso week. They have kids enough!

Jessica likes to study

The lemonade stand is put to good use

Mats invites a friend over

Birthdays were had

Jessica was happy to become a Knowledge teen. The LTW we forgot to check

The big boys like skipping rope

And the little boys now have high demands for their parents.

Calle wants interactions with birds and little brothers

It’s good with small wishes, but we really have too many sims on this lot.

Selling lemonade, spinning and skipping are common activities

And of course toddler care and training

Even Mats Sr likes to sell lemonade sometimes

Jessica collects points by becoming BFE with her children

The parents, both being secondary Romance, date pretty often, and that gives a lot of points!

Jessica, being a Knowledge teen has a tougher time. She is trying every day to get into private school, but hasn’t succeeded. She wishes for doing homework every day, though.

The filthy chaos in the house is of course contributing to the unsuccessful headmaster visits.

Sometimes there is a visitor on the lot that gives someone a point.

Spring is almost here, and the shadows have been sorted out. Skipping rope and playing with the bird is still high on the wishlist for the boys

Another failed try with the headmaster, but Mats gets 5000 points for becoming BFEs with someone

And another 2000 for arranging a party

A classical pillow fight party

Jessica flirts with the guests. There goes her Golden Anniversary LTW…

The kids wish for homework to be done. Good job!

Mats Jr becomes BFF with Signe Frost

Oh, that’s right, the youngest boys grew up to children, but since no one got any points for that there are no pictures.

Calle brings home a girl from school

And Jessica becomes BFE with another one of her boys.

Mats and Calle grow up to be difficult Knowledge sims just like their sister

At least Calle is happy about it

The last headmaster try is successful and Jessica is happy. All kids are accepted except Mats, and we see in the grow up picture that it depends on his bad grades.

The parents date to celebrate

And then the mission to teach all the kids to study begins.

After the study session they are allowed friends over.

Mats is happier to bring a new friend home than to get promoted.

Abbe loves to spin around

Jessica spends the weekend painting

The boys love cereal

And when the snow melts we realize that there is one more pile of homework on the lawn.

Spring inspires dating. And look, another homework book on the ground! Too many kids in this house, for sure.

Selling lemonade and skipping rope are still the main pass-times for the kids

And shopping and skilling for the teens. And thereby, the week is over.

As mentioned before, this family is way too big to be able to keep up with. And three Knowledge teens on top of that, we really need to get them secondary aspirations.

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