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Modig - An ISBI Challenge - Generation 1


Meet Yvonne Modig (Courageous), our ISBI challenge founder.



She’s got a totally random look with black hair and green eyes, combined with a pale skin tone. Not at all what my sims usually look like. Her name, Yvonne, I chose because she looks like an Yvonne.

Yvonne is a Fortune Leo, just because I think an outgoing sim would be more successful in running the Company Family. A lot of interacting is required. She’s got the random turn-ons for brown-haired logical people, and turns off from plantsims.

There’s no Uni here in the tropical paradise of Jinja, so we start at adult stage. ACR is active, and it seems Yvonne picked a lot where we have produced townies in the past.

Her LTW is to have 6 pets reach the top of their careers. Hmm, might be a perfect LTW for a founder...

OK, Yvonne starts with adopting a black lab named Lillan. She will of course be treated like any non-torch holder. The lawn bears the marks of flattening, not sure why it persists.

Yvonne finds Lillan a job, don’t remember which career.

The welcome wagon arrives, but it consists only of known playables. No eligible mates here.

Yvonne took a job in the Law career, because she wished for it, for making some money and maybe meet some people. While she was at work, Lillan was chewing the house up, so Yvonne’s aspiration was really red. Luckily she earned some money, too, so she escaped the shrink.

This time.

Boris walks by, and Yvonne finds him hot. One bolt hot. But if we can get him up in logic, we might have a two-bolter.

Boris finds Yvonne hot too. (Oops, illegal question)

Lillan gets fired from a bad chance card. Obviously her employer didn’t bother feeding her either. Luckily Yvonne didn’t have the fear of Lillan being fired anymore, she’s busy with dating Boris, who turns out to be a Romance sim.

Now we’re wondering, would that be good or bad for an ISBI partner? I’m leaning towards good. They have decent career LTW’s like celebrity Chef or Hall of Famer, and are easy to keep happy with a lot of woohoo.

Yvonne gets invited to an outing with Boris friend. Boris is there, too, and their relationship improvments are helping the outing score greatly.

Hey, Yvonne! That’s not Boris! It’s Robin, Boris’ friend. Maybe we have a change of plans here. We haven’t exactly committed to anything regarding Boris. Downside is Robin is only a one-bolter, too, and we haven’t dated him, so we don’t know his aspiration.

Lillan gets promoted to Guard dog, and Yvonne is very pleased with her.

The date with Robin is terrific. We now know that him too is a Romance sim.

Yvonne is doing some training with Lillan. We don’t know which commands are needed for promotions in the pet careers, so better learn everything.

Yvonne autonomously called Robin in and they went straight to bed and fell madly in love. Ok, he’s the one. Robin, prepare for a rough ride!


Marriage! Robin moves in with 1.000 simoleons... Hope he’s at least got a decent job.

The wedding party was a Roof Lifter! Now, off for honey moon

Lillan is promoted to Smuggel Sniffer. In the background Alpha, the stray, who we are trying to adopt.

Yvonne is pregnant, but she almost lost the baby! Better be careful, Yvonne!


Another pop!


Robin DID have a decent job! He was promoted to Mad Scientist on his first day. Obviously that wasn’t his LTW, since he’s a Romance sim.

We’re using his one command to find him another job. The dice suggests job no 5, which is as a mascot in the Athletic career. Yay! There is a chance that Hall of Famer can be Robin’s LTW. But since he’s signing on as a mascot his body points must be zero. How to mend??

The very pregnant Yvonne finds out that her preferred hobby is Music and Dance

And the next morning it’s baby time!

Meet Johan, torch-holder of Generation 2 (even though this is Johanna, the Daughter-That-Never-Was, because of a game crash.)

Robin shows the first signs of being an ISBI character by putting Johan on the ground besides his crib.

Lillan reached the top of the Security career. Good girl! Time to get a partner for her and make some puppies!

Robin, meet Gizmo!

Johan grows up to toddler. Yvonne will have her hands full with a toddler and a new dog to train.

The dogs seem to get along fine. That’s a good sign.

Yvonne succeeds in teaching Johan to walk. He is also potty trained.

Of course, should have thought about this sooner! A pool, and playing Marco Polo gets Robin’s body points to rise.

When Yvonne is busy with the dogs, the ISBI father and son are having a great time together. Johan is dancing when Robin is playing DJ.

When Johan isn’t dancing, he’s singing nursery rhymes to himself. He’s a very easy child, Yvonne is lucky.

And before we know it, it’s Johan’s birthday.

And he grows up well.

And Gizmo is promoted to Guard dog.

Time to try for puppies!

Johan finds that his preferred hobby is games, just like Robin’s, even though it could seem that it was Music and Dance

And Robin is working on his body skill, all autonomously. Good boy!

Yvonne comes home with a promotion to Paralegal, and heads straight for the phone to invite the headmaster.

The visit works out OK, even though Yvonne couldn’t cook anything better than spaghetti. Johan is accepted in Private School and Yvonne’s aspiration meter gets maxed out.

Gizmo is promoted to Smuggel Sniffer

Yvonne teaches Johan how to study. Worst thing is that she’ll still have to help him with his homework during all his school years, since I’ve never seen a sim kid or teen do their homework autonomously. Rarely any RL kids either...

With his homework done, Johan takes to dancing again. He has been dancing since before he could walk.

Lillan gives birth to three new puppies that eventually can reach the top of their careers, fulfilling Yvonne’s LTW. It’s one female and two males. We name them mythologically to Ariadne, Adonis and Apollo

I just love to see Robin and Johan, still dancing together every free moment.

Next day – dancing. I wish Johan would do his homework instead. Robin, however, is actually working on his body skill, so keep it up.

Despite being an outgoing Leo, Yvonne has troubles making friends. Her social meter is always maxed out, since she’s interacting with her husband and son and five dogs all the time.

Johan gets out of bed at 4 AM to start dancing, and receives a membership in the dance club in the process. Too bad we don’t have University installed on this machine, he would totally receive the footwork scholarship.

Johan really is a good boy! He comes home with an A+ report card. Not bad for an ISBI kid.

Yvonne is using the days to train her husband and son, and the nights for taking care of and training her dogs. Why can’t dog washing be ordered from the professional trainer? It takes sooo much time!

Lillan gives birth to ISBI dog number 6. It’s a female who gets the name Bastet after an Egyptian godess.

Johan grows up very well (platinum) and aquires the aspiration of Family. To his right with the back towards the camera, his childhood friend (I think they are friends anyway), Annette Makau.

Influenced by his mother, Johan tries to flirt with Annette. It doesn’t work very well. I guess they weren’t very good friends anyway.

This is the most usual sight in this house, since Johan became a teen. He’s playing computer games. And Yvonne just hung up from one of her many calls to try to make friends. She’s the hardest Leo I’ve ever had when it comes to socializing.

There’s a room for everything. Johan is shaking it with Christel Garpheden, one of our most famous townie kids. Maybe Johan is better than his mother when it comes to making friends. I don’t know his star sign, but hopefully he’s a Leo too.

Adonis is the first of the A-litter puppies to reach his TOC. He is promoted to Animal Patrol.

Papa Dog Gizmo reaches TOC too, on the same day. All those hours of training is finally paying off!

At three days to elderhood, Yvonne falls asleep standing up, for the first time in her torch-holder life. Well, it happens in the best of families, so don’t be sorry!

Aww – our baby is all grown up, making booty calls of his own. Apparently he chose Christel Garpheden as his significant other.

And here they are, cuddling in the hottub. And worse! (I didn’t get a picture) Hey, you are like, what, 15? Ceasing the opportunity when his mother were walking the dogs and his father was asleep.

Just another typical picture from this house. Johan is dancing and Yvonne is training one of the dogs. This is Bastet, the only pup from the B-litter. She looks like a clone of her father, just a little more robustly built.

Yvonne is promoted to Personal Injury Attorney, and gets the speach stand as a reward. At last! She’s soon leaving adult life behind, and also, at some point, the torch holder life, so I decide to keep her in the same career track.

Left to his own free will, Robin has spent literally days and nights in the DJ booth, and is now able to zone. Congrats, Robin!

The next day Yvonne is promoted already to Family Law Attorney, and unceremoniously grows up well to elder. Did you know that using this stand generates money? I had no idea, I usually don’t use the reward objects, and never had anyone in the Law career before.

Johan’s interest for Music and Dance is maxing out, too. I am not surprised. He also got 8000 aspiration points for it, so apparently it was one of his wants. Go, Johan!

And visiting townie teen Robin Logren is obviously gay.

Dog number 4, Apollo, reaches TOC. Just the female pups to go now to reach Yvonne’s LTW.

Ariadne reaches TOC. Only baby pup Bastet left to reach the top!

Johan has somehow aquired a lot of charisma points in his life, and is teaching his mother how to make a good speach.

Yvonne, you heartless woman!
She wants to sell her oldest companion, Lillan. But on the other hand, to prepare for Johan’s taking over of the torch, and his need of room for his own family, it might be a good thing. And Lillan, fully trained and well-behaved, AND on the top of her career, might help another family out.

Grace Kiboko, one of Yvonne’s few friends, who runs the local orphange, unfortunately hasn’t got the money it takes to buy such an excellent canine. Let’s see if we find another buyer.

However, townified Lost-survivor Sayid agrees to pay 5.211 § for Lillan. Good deal!

And one sunny Sunday everything is happening at once. Robin grows up fairly well to elder...

...and it’s time to pass the torch! During her time as torch holder Yvonne has accomplished the following:

-         Reached level 7 in the Law career

-         5 friends outside the family

-         5 dogs reached TOC (number 6 fully trained but not promoted)

-         Earned 25.000 §

-         Skill points: Cooking 2, Mechanical 0, Charisma 6, Body 2, Logic 6, Creativity 0, Cleaning 6

-         Hobby points: Games 4, Music 1 (preferred)


75 pictures under the cut




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