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100 Baby Challenge - Week 76, Daddy Daichi

Last time, Marie grew up to adult. Sheryl became a Creative child. Jaana and Janita grew up to Goofball and Foodie teens. We had a wonderful Winterfest. Shakira became a Neat teen. Jaana grew up to a Musiclover young adult and moved out to live with her father. Maria and Malva grew up to Glutton and Slob children. Danielle and Daisy were born

Week 76 starts with Marie Nyberg, adult, and her seven daughters. The kids are two teens, three children and two babies. Marie is not pregnant since the house is full. Current baby count is 83.

Spring is here and it’s Easter Monday. The kids are off school and take the time to work on their projects and homework before the family comes over for the grand meal.

Marie welcomes her oldest son Aki, and we realize that he is an adult all of a sudden! According to our own rules, that meas that there will be no more babies for Marie, even though she just became an adult herself.

It also motivates a change of lot traits. We don’t need the leyline anymore, but choose child’s play instead, which is giving children a skill boost.

“Well Daisy, I guess you will be the heir. Or your twin Danielle”

And as an end to this rather unexpected Easter, Marie gets abducted by aliens.

Too bad we will never know if sims can get pregnant by aliens, since the house is full.

What we do know is that the last baby daddy is Daichi Sakamoto, Artlover, Dance machine, Childish and he gets his place on the family wall. It’s a pity that the picture of Linnea and Olof, generation one, is so blurry. Guess Linnea wasn’t a good photographer.

Since Daichi is the last one, Marie is allowed to develop her relationship with him. She wants to make out with him. Fine, we’ll invite him over.

They also become boyfriend and girlfriend

Sheryl comes home with A grades.

Oops, we forgot to put the winterfest candle sticks away

Sheryl looks like a nice girl and grows up to be a Foodie with an LTW to become a Renaissance Sim.

Janita dreams big at the basketball hoop. That’s the most efficient way to get up in fitness fast!

At the same time that we get the birthday notifications for Daisy and Danielle, we also get the news that Marie’s closest brother Per is dead.

Danielle grows up to be a Clingy blond toddler.

Daisy is blond too, but Fussy. These two will be a handful!

They are cute though, and play well together.

Janita and Shakira are extremely dirty, but they’ve got A grades!

And so does Maria

Janita goes first on the honey cake and becomes a Music Lover.

Shakira is next. She becomes a well-behaved Foodie.

Then Maria. Her father Magnus is here.

She becomes a Goofball bodybuilder and doesn’t look nice at all.

The party continues with dancing.

Then it’s time to move out. Janita moves in with her father James, uncle and twin sister Jaana. Shakira moves in with the older sisters Hanna and Laura.

Time moves fast and Sheryl is already ready to grow up again.

Marie is a bit busy though, she’s on a home date with Daichi.

So Sheryl has to make her own winter cake and celebrates her birthday all alone

You can get mean for less!

Neglected, she moves out to live with her sisters Shakira, Laura and Hanna

Instead, Marie asks Daichi to move in with her now only four daughters.

He’s immediately put to work to train his toddler daughters.

Maria starts the Valborg fire, but it spreads!

And the now pretty small family stands paralyzed on the sidewalk until the fire extinguishes itself.

Back to normal, Malva plays cards with the resident ghosts.

And as a last note, we see Daichi turn down Marie’s marriage proposal. 17 babies to go!

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