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100 Baby Challenge - Week 75, Marie Becomes Adult

Last time, Laura grew up to a Slob teen. Sheryl and Shakira became Silly and Independent toddlers. Jaana and Janita became Evil and Neat children. Lauritz grew up to a Foodie young adult and moved out to live with his brothers. Maria and Malva were born and grew up to Silly and Clingy toddlers. By the end of the week, Laura grew up to be a responsible Genius and moved out to live with her uncle and sister. Shakira grew up to be a Creative child.

Week 75 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, and her six daughters. The kids are three children and three toddlers. Marie is not pregnant. Current baby count is 81.

This house is full of young girls. Have we ever had girls only in a 100 baby house at any given time? J68 cannot remember. It is rather unlikely, since we usually have so many boys that we worry for the continuation of the challenge. With this lot, and only (?) 19 babies to go, we can be pretty certain that we will be able to finish the challenge.

It’s Marie’s birthday, so she bakes herself a tiered cake and becomes an adult. She has given birth to 13 children as a young adult, 5 boys and 8 girls. That must be some kind of record in itself.

Jaana has A grades

She gets the same cake as Marie

She grows up to be a Goofball on top of being Evil. What type of personality is that? The school bully? She looks a lot like her father James

Sheryl was born at the same time as Shakira, but is not qualified to grow up yet. Janita and a random guest is trying to get her to skill up.

It’s sooo close, but she crashes on the floor just before it’s done.

There we go!

The tiered cake is finished, so Marie bakes her a chocolate cake. Marie is really too old and too soft around the middle nowadays to wear those clothes. We need to fix her wardrobe to fit a mature woman.

Sheryl grows up to be a Creative Rambunctious scamp.

Jaana crashes on the back porch in the middle of a blizzard. Luckily she made it inside before she froze to death!

The blizzard is still going on in the afternoon the next day, when Janita comes home with A grades

She gets a white cake

She grows up to be a Foodie on top of being neat. Gourmet cooking might be her thing. She looks a lot like her father James too. He’s the one taking out the trash in the background.

Now when we have teens that can be ready to grow up in a few days, it’s time to go for the next baby for real.

It’s winterfest and the four girls that are old enough are decorating the tree.

Janita is in charge of cooking the grand meal

After dinner they all get presents from the tree

And we have a new Kung Bore called Magnus. MArie got a new party outfit that fits her age and weight better.

The day after winterfest, skilling continues and Maria learns to talk.

It’s also The TV premier day, and Marie invites Daichi to watch it with her.

Shakira has A grades

Marie is a bit too busy to make a cake for her though.

She’s pregnant!

Now grow up quickly girls!

Shakira grows up to be Neat with an LTW to become the curator. Finally we’re breaking the Slob curse!

Jaana comes home with A grades after two days in school

Shakira is enraged and wears way too little clothes. Don’t die, please!

Shakira’s winter cake was still intact in the fridge, so we use it for Jaana too.

Jaana becomes a Musiclover and is immediately moved out to live with her father and her uncle.

Maria is qualified to grow up

She gets the same recycled cake.

She grows up to a Glutton Artistic Prodigy, of course thinking about cake.

She and Sheryl play well together.

Then her namesake great-great-great-grandmother Maria sets the washer-dryer on fire.

New Year’s Eve count down. Everybody is here!

Marie is very very pregnant, The outfit is perfect maternity wear!

And very very tired! She misses the countdown.

Everyday training continues

Then labour starts

Malva grows up through age, and not skill. We have been a bit too busy lately to manage her properly. Her father Magnus helps her with the candles.

She grows up to a Slob Whiz kid, so the age of Slobs is not over.

Baby time!

And amazingly enough, on Sunday at 10.02 pm, ANOTHER set of baby girl twins are born! They get the names Danielle and Daisy, and thereby the week is over. 17 babies to go!

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