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100 Baby Challenge - Week 74, Twin Theory

Last time, Hanna grew up to an Ambitious young adult and started a career in crime. Khanh grew up to a Goofball teen. Jaana and Janita were born and grew up to Charmer and Silly toddlers. Khanh grew up to a Childhater young adult. Lauritz became a Materialistic teen. Sheryl and Shakira were born. A fire broke out and Marie thanked her hero by getting pregnant by him

Week 74 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, her one (!) son and five daughters. The kids are one teen, one child, two toddlers and two babies. Marie is pregnant by Magnus Åberg and expects her 12th child. Current baby count is 79.

Thyra takes care of the babies

And Laura has A grades

Wow!!! She’s a beauty! She grow up to a Slob with an LTW to become a Master Mixologist.

So we send her out to the bar in the rain to start working on her mixology skill

Time to grow up the babies. Sheryl becomes blond and Silly

And Shakira becomes Independent and black-haired, a first in this generation.

Janita is due to grow up, and Jaana too, but we don’t have a picture of that.

Jaana grows up to be Evil. Luckily she’s got a bunch of younger sisters, so we won’t have an Evil heir. Maybe, another one can show up of course.

Then, it’s Janita’s turn

Janita becomes Neat. Their father James is here for the occasion.

Marie got dressed today and spends some time with her children.

Laura works hard at the bar to reach level 3 in Mixology. Every teen needs to reach level 3 in something to be able to have A grades, so it is as well to start on what she wants in life.

We only have one slot in the house, but if we can get at least Lauritz out of the house before the pregnancy is over, we might have twins anyway.

And here we go, summer is still on and Lauritz has A grades!

And Janita earns a scout badge cleaning up the bar after Laura.

Lauritz gets a winter cake despite the weather

He is immediately moved out to live with his brothers. We don’t even have time to give him a job. Maybe Chef would have been suitable.

The toddlers and children are kept occupied with skilling

And when the dryer breaks for the umptieth time, labour starts.


At 02.53 am on Thursday week 74, ANOTHER set of twin girls are born. They get the names Maria and Malva. The theory is proven – even if there’s not room in the house when conceived, it is still possible to get twins if there’s room in the house at birth

Laura is a good girl, helping her mother out a lot with all the sisters.

Then it’s harvest fest all of a sudden. Don’t touch the dryer, you unsatisfied gnome!


The day after harvest fest, Laura has A grades

She gets a strawberry cake

She grows up to be a responsible Genius

She gets a job in the Culinary career

And moves out to live with now elderly uncle Per and her sister Hanna

Malva grows up the same day to be a blond Silly toddler

And Maria to be blond and Clingy.

The house is no longer completely full, and it’s time to approach the next baby daddy. Marie has her eyes set on Daichi Sakamoto. He’s part of the fixing-gardening club

It’s a good combination to have a club gathering and to get to know Daichi a bit more.

Janita lights the candles for all saints.

In the background we’re working hard, in shifts, to get the toddler skills up.

With four toddlers and two toddler beds, that is what happens. Regardless, Shakira is qualified

Her father Shingo is dead, so Marie bakes a zombie cake for her and helps her to blow out the candles.

She grows up to be a Creative Social Butterfly, and thereby the week is over. 19 (!) babies to go.

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