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100 Baby Challenge - Week 73, Four Girls

Last time, Aki grew up to a Neat young adult with the scout trait, a first in the 100 baby challenge. Aksel grew up to a Mean young adult with the extra traits of Compassionate, Well-mannered and Responsible, also a 100 baby challenge first. Hans grew up to an Insider teen and later a Goofball young adult. Lauritz grew up to be a Neat child. Aksel, Aki and Hans moved out. Marie got pregnant. Laura grew up to be a Perfectionist child.

Week 73 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, her two dauhgters and two sons. The kids are one teen and three children. Marie is pregnant by James van Dongen and expects her 8th child. Current baby count is 75

Cooking and ghosts are a common sight here at the 100 baby challenge house.

When daylight comes, the current baby daddy James and the next one, Shingo, are invited over.

Chilling out. Maybe we’ll have a brown-haired baby after James. It has been a while.

But first a birthday party, since Hanna and Khanh have A grades.

Hanna grows up to be Ambitious and choses a career in crime.

Then Khanh

He grows up to be a Goofball and wanting to become a Freelance botanist.

He’s immediately sent out to the greenhouse where he glitches out.

It has been a while since anyone tended to the greenhouse! Luckily the plants aren’t dying so easily.

Hanna is moved out to live with uncle Per.

Marie tries to reach the next milestone in her LTW and enter “maxed parenting state” or the like, but we don’t really know how to achieve that. In the meantime, Lauritz learns to say sorry.


On Tuesday week 73, at 01.46 am, two baby girls (!) are born. They get the names Jaana and Janita.

Laura is very sad to have baby sisters. And because the old uncles are dying off.

Marie ends the romance with James, who we have found have the traits of Foodie, Musiclover and Neat. All good ones!

He’s always welcome to take care of his daughters of course.

It’s a hot summer’s day and Khanh works hard in the greenhouse

Laura tells Janita that if she had the number, she would get a babysitter

Time to work on the next in line

But first a midsummer barbecue. The reality has dawned on James, he’s a father now!

And Shingo is next! He is Creative, Mean and a Foodie.

Jaana grows up to Charmer all of a sudden

And Janita follows and becomes Silly. They are indeed both brown-haired.

And all of a sudden, Marie is hysterical! Don’t know what she did, but better calm down, we can’t have you dying!

The afternoon is dark and the thunder rolls when Khanh and Lauritz come home with A grades.

Khanh goes first on the cheesecake they get as birthday cake

He becomes a responsible Childhater. Better not stay in this house then!

Then it’s Lauritz’s turn

He becomes a Materialistic Renaissance sim, and has the expensive headphones to prove it

The childhating Khanh is moved out to live with his older brothers.

And for the rest of the family, toddler training is the focus.

Cleaning is not a top priority as usual

Lauritz donates his child toys to charity

Potty training takes forever!  And Marie’s older siblings continue to die, so everybody is always very sad.


On Saturday week 73, at 7.30 pm, another set of baby girls (!) are born. They get the names Sheryl and Shakira.

Laura is not happy with this set of sisters either.

Khaled, Khanh’s father died on the lot a long time ago, but we haven’t really seen him around. Marie and Khaled still has a pretty high romantic relationship

When Marie suggests to end the relationship on the account of him being dead and all, he’s very offended.

It’s time to strengthen the bonds to the ancestral mothers. Marie has a serious talk with Linnea.

Jaana and Janita are angry about their little sisters. Poor Sheryl and Shakira, they are really not welcome.

All of a sudden the dishes and the living room carpet are catching on fire!

Magnus Åberg/Kung Bore, which was Marie’s first try for a baby daddy, but it never worked out, he’s being the hero of the day!

After cleaning up the mess after the fire and buying a new carpet, Marie is very grateful!

Very grateful indeed

And we end this week with another pregnancy for Marie. There is only one slot left in the house, but hopefulle Lauritz will grow up before the pregnancy is over.21 babies to go!

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