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100 Baby Challenge - Week 72, Two Firsts

Last time, Khanh became a Charmer toddler and later a Genius child. Aksel and Aki grew up to Foodie and Goofball teens. Hans and Hanna grew up to Slob and Goofball children. Laura and Lauritz were born and grew up to Inquisitive and Independent toddlers.

Week 72 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, her five sons and two daughters. The kids are two teens, three children and two toddlers. Marie is not pregnant since the house is full. Current baby count is 75.

Aksel is the only sim we’ve seen that reacts with fear on the ghosts

Lauritz and Laura work hard on their skills so that we will be able to grow them up.

Aksel wants to become an adult
Marie: “We’ll see what we can do” We want that too, you know, we need more babies!

That advice pushes Marie up to level 10 in parenting, but she’s got some skills to learn in gardening.

Aki comes home with A grades, but also enraged from a mood swing. Please don’t die, not until you grow up anyway!

Hans has A grades too

Let’s hurry to grow them up!

Oh dear, Aki becomes Neat, which is great for the house, but he will go crazy with 90% slobs in the house.

Hans blows out his candels

He grows up to be an Insider aspiring Bodybuilder

Aki choses a career in entertainment and as predicted he starts cleaning the house immediately. He is the first sim we’ve had that gets the scout trait. No one else has succeeded in acquiring all the badges, even though all our kids are always enrolled in the scouts.

Hanna has A grades!

Marie has to make her two strawberry cakes, since someone took a piece out of the first one before we could put the candles on it.

She grows up to a Slob with an LTW to become a Public Enemy

Aksel is a first too, he has three traits ongoing – Manners, Responsibility and Empathy. Volounteering is a great way to get empathy, the others you can get at home by friendly introductions and doing homework.

Hanna dreams big at the basketball court. It builds the fitness skill incredibly fast! Now get the A grades!

With all the kids growing up, Marie makes a move on James van Dongen on Love Day.

She’s interrupted by Aksel and Hans (!) coming home with A grades.

Hanna keeps her company in the kitchen.

Aksel goes first on the zombie cake

He grows up to be Mean on top of being a Music Lover and a Foodie. His pefect job must be Critic. He also gets the traits of Compassionate, Well-mannered and Responsible thanks to his excellent upbringing. A 100 baby challenge first!

Marie: “Woot! They are growing up!”

In the midst of the planned birthdays, Lauritz is qualifying for growing up too

But first Hans

He grows up to be a Goofball

Marie helps Lauritz with the cake. His father Lars is very much alive, but for some reason he doesn’t show up to the party. Maybe he works.

He grows up to be Neat, poor boy. And here’s dad.
“Dad, you’re late!”

The three oldest brothers move out together and we now have room in the house!

And we already have the next baby daddy lined up.

The most recent baby daddy looks deeply into his coffee cup. Awkward moment!

Marie has had a terrific love day!

And we have results

The current heir is left to fend for herself. Wonder if she will be dethroned by the baby/ies expected?

It’s not true that she is left to her own devices. On the contrary, Marie works a lot with her to teach her what she needs to know.

Our little scouts are celebrating Valborg in the garden.

Even the kids are getting cornered and gets some valuable lessons from time to time.

And there Laura is over the edge for growing up

Father Lars is here to help

She grows up to be a Perfectionist Rambunctious scamp, and thereby the week is over. 25 babies to go!

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