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100 Baby Challenge - Week 71, Ghost Family

Last time, Hans and Hanna were born. Martin died in the middle of Aki and Aksel’s birthday party. Aki and Aksel grew up to Mean and Music Loving children. Hans and Hanna became Silly and Inquisitive toddlers. Marie reached a parenting milestone. Khanh was born right after his father died unnoticed on the lot.

Week 71 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, her four sons and one daughter. The kids are two children, two toddlers and one baby. Marie is not pregnant. Current baby count is 73.

We start off with Khanh, growing up to a Charmer toddler.

Toddler training ensues.

The other toddlers are fending for themselves.

And they are ready to grow up.

And so is Aksel, coming home with A grades

The house is decorated for all seasons at once it seems.

Aksel becomes an Outdoor Enthusiast Foodie.

Then he helps Hans with the cake. Hans and Hanna’s father Håkan is dead, so he’s not here.

Hans grows up to be a Slob Whiz Kid.

Marie helps Hanna

She grows up to be a Goofball Artistic Prodigy

Both twins start immediately on their education and their scout badges.

The ghosts take a big part in the family life

After all the birthdays it’s about time to pursue the next baby daddy. Lars Persson is next in line

Marie works fast

And gets fast results! The father-to-be is a Loner-Foodie-Neat sim. No real negative traits, although Loner is not so handy in this house.

It’s a glistening winter’s day and Aki comes home with A grades. It’s only Tuesday. With all the happenings in the beginning of the week you could think the whole week went by.

Aki gets a winter cake.

He grows up to be a Goofball with an LTW to become a Musical Genius. With his mean streak, maybe he will be a writer of satiric songs for some comedy show.

Time for some parenting again. Marie helps Aksel with his school project.


It’s not so organized. But everybody gets presents and dinner.

Marie ends her relationship with Lars

Then it’s babytime

On Friday at 6.47 pm, a girl and a boy are born. They get the names Laura and Lauritz, and we have a new heir.

Then Marie sets the dryer and herself on fire

It’s not a great start of New Year’s Eve.

But later on, she invites some people over for a party. Even though the house is now full, we will need new baby daddies eventually.

Then it’s time for the babies to grow up. Laura doesn’t show us her hair, but she must be blond since both her parents are. She becomes Inquisitive.

Lauritz grows up to be Independent, and of course blond.

And Khanh has danced his way to level 3 in all skills and is due to grow up.

His father Khaled is dead, so Marie helps him with his chocolate cake.

He grows up to be a Genius Rambunctious Scamp, and thereby this week is over. 25 babies to go!

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