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100 Baby Challenge - Week 70, Parenting Milestone

Last time, Aksel and Aki were born and grew up to Silly and Inquisitive toddlers. Thyra died, and Marie’s older siblings started to die too, making everybody eternally sad. Marie succeeded in getting pregnant. Per moved out to live with his Saya and Malin married her Saya and moved out too.

Week 70 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, her elderly father and her two sons. The boys are toddlers. Marie is pregnant by Håkan Nyström and expects her third child. Current baby count is 70.

The greenhouse is the biggest source of income for this family and sometimes it needs some maintenance.

The father-to-be is visiting. Marie should end the relationship to make room for a new one.

Malin, Marie’s twin sister, wants to come over and hang out. Sure!

She’s useful, helps out with the toddler training

Marie takes the other one

Aksel doesn’t want to see his aunt go and wanders off into the night to follow her. He went all the way to the canal before he gave up!

Marie gets hold of him and gives him a bath to warm up while her labour starts.


On Tuesday morning at 5.50 am, a boy and a girl are born. They get the names Hans and Hanna, and we have an heir!

The siblings continue to die and all the four kids are very hungry. We start to recognize our 100 baby challenge.

Marie just can’t stop flirting with Håkan, the babies’ father.

Marie: “This needs to end, I must move on with my life”
Håkan: “?!”

Ten minutes later she pursues Khaled el Majbouri… Håkan seems to take it well.


We find out that Khaled is a Childhater (!), a Snob and a Glutton.

Child care and toddler skills are on the agenda while we wait.

Aki is ready to grow up!

In the middle of cooking the cake, Landgraab Electrical Co switches off the power due to unpaid bills. It’s not that there’s a lack of money, it has just been a bit stressful lately.

When paying the bills, even Maries starts to think that the lot is messy!

Marie goes back inside to continue with the cake when Martin arrives home
“Goodbye world!”

It literally happens at the same time. Marie gets cooking skill 7 while the Grim Reaper comes for her father.

The family eventually comes out to see Martin off. On Wednesday week 70, at 12.16 pm Martin is gone.

But the show must go on. Aki’s father Akito helps him with the cake.

He grows up to a Mean Social Butterfly. It sounds a bit like a contradiction in terms.

Meanwhile, Aksel, our wanderer becomes ready too.

Akito left so Marie helps Aksel with his cake

He becomes a Music Lover Whiz Kid and promptly crashes in the middle of chaos.

It is now visible that Marie is pregnant, but she tries to stay  fit. She’s our first baby mama who’s not overweight after four kids.

Hans grows up to a Silly redhead toddler

And Hanna becomes blond and Inquisitive.

Hans starts off his imagination skill with making a mess. As if we needed more of that in this house!

However, someone cleaned the table in time for the Harvest fest grand meeal!

It’s just Marie herself and the big boys that share the meal.

Our boys are inseparable and also still look very much alike

But apparently it’s Aki with the spikier hairdo. He gets his convivial scout badge.

The ghosts are active!

Khaled is here, maybe he’s waiting for the delivery of his baby/ies, just like us.

Hanna is making a mess, but it’s good, then Marie can reprimand her like she needs to do for her LTW.

Yes, the waiting time is slow. Usually we never have these many pictures of the kids.

Poor Aki, we made him make a mess so that Marie can get her reprimand points.

Aksel works on his dancing skill

Khaled apparently died in the house. No one noticed. And he never got to meet his child/ren

For good measure we force Aksel to shout forbidden words so that Marie can reach her milestone.


What! It’s only one boy! He gets the name Khanh and is born on Friday week 70, at 8.58 pm.

So, another quiet period ensues, where Marie spends a lot of time with the kids, and thereby the week is over. 37 babies to go!

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