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100 Baby Challenge - Week 69, Thyra Moves On

Last time, Thyra visited her older kids and turned down Martin’s proposal. Malin and Marie grew up to Goofball and Foodie young adults. Marie started to hunt for her first baby daddy and eventually got pregnant. Martin grew up to elder and Malin got seriously involved with Saya Ichikawa.

Week 69 starts with Marie Nyberg, young adult, her elderly parents and her brother and sister. The siblings are young adults. Marie is pregnant by Akito Nakamura and expects her first child.

The week starts off with some time spent with sisters. First Marie and Malin enjoys a game of chess, and then Karin invites them to the Humour and Hijinks festival. Marie is heavily pregnant, but still skinny.

She goes home and spends some time with her brother too, and soon she’s in labour


And at 3.32 pm Monday week 69, the first members of generation 7 are born. It’s twin boys and they get the names Aksel and Aki

Per celebrates by flirting with his friend Saya in hopes that they will become a couple.

It works pretty well, but the parents are all around!

On midsummer, Malin takes the opportunity to propose to HER Saya. Yes, both girls have the same first name, but what can you do?

Unfortunately she says no.

Marie has decided to end the romance with Akito, but greets him very warmly.

She goes through with her intention anyway.

We’ve got babies to make, so she continues to work on the next daddy, named Håkan.

Thyra makes a toast with her ghost brother Thor

Then she goes up to her grandsons’ bedroom and collapses on the floor

The family gathers around her to see her off, and on Thursday week 69 at 8.35 am, Thyra is gone.

Marie is very sad, but tries to get into a better mood with the help of Håkan, who suddenly became an elder.

The attempt to get close to Håkan is interrupted by the twins who are due to grow up. The become identically rye blond and get the traits Silly and Inquisitive respectively.

Intense skilling ensues.

Then we get the news that our oldest brother Yonah died too.

Malin seeks comfort in Saya.

And Youaquin died too! Not so strange, since they were twins

But Marie needs to push on. Håkan has a strange glow – is he an alien???

Since it seems it’s possible to get twins without the fertile trait, Marie chooses instead a trait that will help her with the romancing. That can be handy since she’s not romantic by nature.

She immediately puts the talent to good use

Yay, pregnant!

Per is getting himself some romance too. We find that his Saya has grown old, but it cannot be helped.

Per moves out to live with his elderly girlfriend

Marie works on her boys’ skills

And the ancestral mothers are active.

Marie and Malin are close, but we need to get Malin out of the house too.

Saya has a big part in Malin’s life still and is invited to a homedate

Martin and Marie are interested in the progress

Malin again asks Saya to marry her

And this time she says yes.

They get married on the spot and move out and thereby the week ends. 30 babies to go!

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