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100 Baby Challenge - Week 68, Marie starts breeding

Last time, Thyra set herself and the dryer on fire. The girls went to the humour festival with Kabir. Karin grew up to a Foodie young adult and her and Kain moved out. Per grew up to a Goofball young adult but remains in the house. Malin and Marie grew up to Soulmate and Superparent teens and it was decided that fate chose Marie as heir.

Week 68 starts with Thyra Nyberg, elder, her live in boyfriend, her one son and two daughters. The kids are one young adult and two teens. Current babycount is 68.

The week starts with Easter Monday and the family are off school and work.

Thyra is angry due to some idiot who posted offensive parenting advice on a forum.

Egg hunting!

Grand meal!

Then back to normal cooking. Someone has cleaned the house! Must be Martin or one of the guests, the rest of the family are slobs.

Thyra continues to visit her children.

And Per is fishing.

Really, we are just passing time until the girls will grow up.

Already on Tuesday Marie is ready! It’s her first day of high school! However, we will wait for Malin

Let’s go visit our youngest big sister

“You know, I’ve got A grades, so if this would have been a normal heir change, Malin would have been the heir, but now when I want to be a Superparent – well you know…”

Marie practices cooking

While Malin is working on her homework

Back home, Martin is in the mood and proposes to Thyra

But she says no. Guess that his two-three rejections of her tries has made her certain that they will never be married.

They still have a heated relationship anyway, despite the reluctance to get married.

The greenhouse work is nicer now with springtime and daylight.

Wednesday, also Malin has A grades

Time for baking a tiered cake again

Malin becomes a Goofball like everybody else

Marie becomes a Foodie and thereby has exactly the same traits as Thyra

The first thing she does is to invite the only male she knows that she’s not related to – Kung Bore!

Malin chooses a career in entertainment

Since there is no food club to join, Thyra starts her own, to combine her interest in food and to meet some guys.

The club has its first meeting and Marie makes sure to greet all guys in the restaurant

But she’s also working on Magnus/Kung Bore.

And she invites one of her club members – Shingo, but is taken aback when she realizes he’s mean. She should be used to that, her own father is mean too.

She works hard, but even if it goes well, Magnus does not give her any romantic interest.

But on loveday he asks her out on a date. OK!

She’s unfortunately very stinky, but that never stopped a slob before

It seems to bother him though

And in the end the date is a disaster, with their romance going out the window. “Don’t call me ever again!”

While still in the pub, another person catches Marie’s eye.

Akito is much more receptive than Magnus.

Much more receptive, indeed!

In the midst of it all, Magnus calls for another date! Can you believe the nerve?! “No, thanks”

In the pub’s bathroom, Marie tries to take a pregnancy test, but it doesn’t give any information either way. The options on the toilet gives us the ability to “Throw up”, that should mean she’s pregnant, right?!

“Mom, I think I’m pregnant!”
“Congratulations, baby!”

“Happy birthday, my love!”

Finally Martin grows up! The highlander is mortal, it seems

Admit to have aged him twice so that he’s now an elder. We cannot have him taking up space in this house for a full adult life too.

Malin works hard on her violin skill and she looks great.

We realized that Marie wasn’t pregnant after all, so we need to try again. However, it takes hours before her sisters finally leaves the room.

Now she’s pregnant for real! The father Akito Nakamura is mean, active and neat. It would be great if the neat trait could be passed on, this house needs it!

Malin’s workmate Saya asks her out to have some fun. This is a sign! Maybe Saya will be Malin’s soulmate. It would be good if she chose a girl, not to compete with Marie over the guys.

The two don’t know each other so well yet, so they spend some time to get to know each other better.

We should think about marrying off Per too.

But first, some Valborg fireworks

And then some cooking. Luckily the ghosts are doing some cleaning up.

Marie tries to stay in shape during her pregnancy

And she really looks great!

Malin continues to meet Saya, and their relationship is heating up

And by the end of the week they are official girlfriends. 32 babies to go!

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