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100 Baby Challenge - Week 67, Thyra grows Old

Last time, Karin grew up to a Romantic teen. Malin became a Self-assured child. Kain became a Goofball young adult. Marie grew up to a Slob child. Per grew up to a Slob teen. Martin refused Thyra’s proposal, once again.

Week 67 starts with Thyra Nyberg, adult, her live-in boyfriend, her three daughters and two sons. The kids are one young adult, two teens and two children. Current baby count is 68. We’re waiting for Malin and Marie to grow up and start to breed.

We start this week with Karin, who is enraged due to no particular reason. She’s a difficult teen

Then Thyra sets the dryer on fire, but she lives.

Malin and Marie are good little girls and work on their skills.

Kain is angry with his mean stepfather

And he goes to meet his brother Sebastian to complain about it.

Kain and Karin’s father Kabir invites them to hang out at the humour festival

It seems that Kabir is also stuck  in young adulthood, like Martin was.

They stay for a while, having tea and some food, but the weather soon turns into a blizzard and they head home

Thyra works on her bouquets in the dark and icy greenhouse

Then we find that Peter, Per’s father, who virtually lived here for a long time, is now dead. So, there’s nothing wrong with the aging in the ‘hood as a whole.

Today, Karin comes home with A grades, and she’s also mortified for no particular reason. J68 will be happy that her teens are over!

Kain awaits the moment his twin sister will be the same age as him again.

She grows up to be a Foodie on top of being a Romantic Perfectionist, and we choose a career as a critic for her.

Karin and Kain are promptly moved out. They get an apartment in San Myshuno, which is good both for her food critic’s career and for his musical career.

As usual it’s incredibly cold in the winter in Willow Creek, but as we know since her teens, Thyra loves the cold and walks around in shorts and tank top when Marie wears her outdoor clothes even indoors.

Malin gets told off for making a mess

On Winterfest morning, the tree is decorated

And in time for the dinner party the tree is lit.

All the older kids are of course invited, and there is ham dinner and candle lighting. When looking at them like this, we realize that most of Thyra’s kids are blond, and then we have a few blacks, but no reds or browns in this generation!

And we continue the nice celebration with a game of cards

And a workout session for Thyra

At midnight we realize that we forgot about the presents, so everybody is dragged out of bed in their pyjamas.

Thor helps out with the cleaning.

During the days between Winterfest and New Year’s, Thyra travels around visiting family. This is one of her nieces, the unexpected twins her brother Kenneth had with the caterer Anvi Kumar.

Her own twins, Yoaquin and Yonah live together with their cousins.

Malin and Marie both have A grades. Time for another party!

Being the heirs, they get the tiered cake.

Malin grows up to a Slob with an LTW of having a Soulmate. Highly inappropriate for a 100 baby heir! She’s got a nice haircut though

Marie’s turn!

Marie grows up to be a Goofball with an LTW to be a Super parent, which is HIGHLY appropriate for a 100 baby heir. J68 decide that the dice made the choice – Marie will be the heir!

She starts her teen life with a workout.

Per is hysterical for no particular reason, so to not having him die we put him to work on his school project. Then we realize that him too has A grades, so maybe growing up will help him be less hysterical. Or at least, even if he dies he will still be counted since he would be an adult at the time.

He grows up to be a Goofball, like half of his siblings, and chooses a gardener career, since there is no fisherman career.

Thyra spends a lot of time with her kids, since they are here a lot

And now when she doesn’t have babies to take care of, she also visits them

Kain asks Per to come over and hang. Despite them looking so much alike, it’s quite easy to tell them apart, since Kain has a very marked dimple in his chin.

Kain and their sister Karin live in an apartment in San Myshuno, but there’s something wrong with it, since they get stuck I the hallway. Per can enter the apartment, but not Kain who lives there. Per goes home to the New Year’s celebrations at home

Whow! Thyra suddenly turns elder, but looks really good with her steel grey hair

It’s a lovely party!

Malin has a very special style that looks perfect on her

While we have a harder time finding anything for Marie.

And we end this week with Marie, the heir, who has terrible manners. Will we be able to change that before she grows up? 32 babies to go.

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