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100 Baby Challenge - Week 66, Eventlessness

Last time, Thyra’s sister Thea died and got buried on the lot. Sebastian grew up to a Slob young adult. Selma and Sebastian moved out to live with Thyra’s brother Thor, who died shortly after that. Thyra brought his urn home and buried him alongside their sister. Malin and Marie grew up to Fussy and Angelic toddlers. Martin refused Thyra’s proposal, but was ok with moving in and setting the barbecue on fire. Per grew up to a Genius child. Kain grew up to a Slob teen.

Week 66 starts with Thyra Nyberg, adult, her live-in boyfriend Martin, her two sons and three daughters. The kids are one teen, two children and two toddlers. Thyra is not pregnant since she’s too old. Current baby count is 68.

We start off the week with Karin, having A grades.

She gets a strawberry cake

She grows up very hungry, with an LTW to be a Freelance Botanist and with a Romantic trait

The stinky twins are now the same age again

The house is a mess, with broken appliances and stinky inhabitants

Even if the ghosts are usually breaking stuff, they are sometimes useful. Here it’s Thyra’s grandmother Maria mopping after the repairman.

Not much is happening. Kain donates some old toys and gets a badge

Malin is sufficiently trained to grow up

And Kain has A grades. Time for a party!

But before that we get the news that Thyra’s younger brother Kent died, and we will be incredibly sad again

Malin gets a cheesecake as birthday cake

She grows up to a Self-assured Social Butterfly

And she starts her scout's career with the civic responsibility badge.

Kain grows up to a Goofball young adult. He will stay in the house and wait for Karin to grow up.

Marie is due to grow up from age and not skill

The cheesecake is still here

Marie grows up to a Rambunctious Scamp Slob.

So, portraits of our competing heirs. They both have Thyra’s slanted eyes and Martin’s rye blond hair. Malin has a shade lighter eyes than Marie. Their wardrobes have been adjusted and Marie goes for a blue theme while Malin is white.

Karin, who is not the heir had no help at all with her wardrobe, which she obviously would need.

We realize that we can register a career for Thyra and makes her a homemaker, with the work description to raise kids. Don’t know if anything will change with that, probably not.

So, with that, the eventless week continues. Thyra is a masterchef in her own kitchen since far back.

Then, harvest fest. Since Martin is a vegetarian they need to have the fake turkey as a grand meal

The whole family is invited!

And Per becomes an A student on his day off

The heirs are trying to appease the gnomes. Marie is successful.

Then it’s time for Per to blow out the candles on his winter cake.

He grows up to a Slob Angling Ace and looks a lot like Kain.

Kain accepts a job as an entertainer and aims for a career in music. He’s already a good violinist

On Friday it’s “Night on the town” and the whole family heads to a local restaurant

Unfortunately they don’t have a table big enough for them all,

They don’t have tables indoors either, so even if they put on their winter clothes it’s freezing.

Everybody’s sad, and the kids don’t even like the food.

Saturday is Alla Helgon and everybody is supposed to attend the ceremony

But Karin bails out and looks all smug about it

At least she attends the candle lighting

Even if she’s giving her phone more attention than the candles.

They really look like a real family now!

Thyra and Martin attend to the family graves

And finally Martin had enough of the sloppy surroundings and starts cleaning

Thyra at least puts some effort into doing some laundry.

And we end this week with Thyra who thinks it’s time to ask Martin to marry her, again, but he turns her down – again! 32 babies to go

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