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100 Baby Challenge - Week 65, Collecting the Dead

Last time we had a successful Easter celebration. Per was born and grew up to an Independent toddler. Terje grew up to a Kleptomaniac teen and Teodor to a Slob young adult. Sebastian grew up to a Goofball teen. Karin and Kain grew up to Perfectionist and Genius children. Terje grew up to a Goofball young adult and moved out to live with the other siblings. We had firework accidents at Valborg, but everybody survived. Selma grew up to be a Cheerful young adult and Malin and Marie were born.

Week 65 starts with Thyra Nyberg, adult, her four daughters and three sons. The kids are one young adult, one teen, two children, one toddler and two babies. Thyra is not pregnant since she’s too old. Current baby count is 68.

Thea, Thyra’s triplet sister is still on the lot early Monday morning, when the Reaper comes for her.

There are other guests present too, and they all get a terrible start to the new week. Thea is buried alongside the ancestral mothers.

Sebastian is still miserable after school, but he’s got A grades.

No party is arranged, but he gets a strawberry cake.

He grows up to be a Slob. Maybe comedian would be a suitable job for him, being a cheerful goofball.

He’ll have to arrange that himself though, since now both him and Selma are leaving the house to start their own household.

They however decide to move in with their uncle Thor.

Thyra who is now free from babymaking activities has started exercising to lose some weight.

She doesn’t have much time for it though, since babyraising activities still are frequent. And we hear that Thor died.

Thyra hurries to the house where Sebastian tells her what happened, and she picks up the urn to bring it home.

Back home, Thor gets a celebration of coffee and his connection to the living strengthened.

Malin grows up to be a Fussy rye haired little girl

And Marie to an equally ryeblond but Angelic toddler.

It’s time for the next step with Martin. Thyra goes down on one knee…

And he says no!! On Midsummer eve, the most love centered holiday in the summertime (or at least based on desire, and they have an amazing romantic relationship!)

Nevertheless, the show must  go on. Let’s have a drink instead. It’s hot outside!

And he’s no stranger to moving in with the family. Good. We don’t want him to roam around as a highlander anymore, let him live here, take care of his children and grow old together with Thyra.

Karin and Kain are responsible children and spend the rest of their day off working on their school projects. Thyra even finds some time to help them.

Martin’s first day in the house does not start good. He eats (by his own accord) a meat burger and feels awful, since he’s a vegetarian.

For sims’ sake, make some vego burgers!

That doesn’t work out so well either, he sets the barbecue on fire and Thyra has to put it out.

In better news, Per is ready to grow up!

Father Peter, who didn’t leave the house for the full last week, helps Per with the candles on the blue confetti cake.

He grows up to be a Genius Social Butterfly with a sporty look

After that some family social activities ensue.

And some side by side skilling

The twins are pretty identical, stinky and in their PJs, but it seems Marie is right-handed and Malin left-handed.

Kain proves that he’s a Genius and reaches A grades in no time

Thereby time for a zombie cake

He grows up to be a Musical genius, but also a Slob. We’ve got too many slobs in this house, who’s going to clean?!

Martin plays around with his daughters

Kain plays chess with his father Kabir,

While Karin does her homework on a bench close to the fishing spot where she spent all afternoon.

Sunday is spent playing in the garden, and thereby this week is over. 32 babies to go.

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