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100 Baby Challenge - Week 64, Undecided Heir

Last time, Teodor and Terje grew up to be Mean and Lazy kids. Kevin and Kelly grew up to Foodie and Slob young adults and moved out. Kain and Karin were born on Winterfest. Selma grew up to a Geek kid. Teodor grew up to an Evil teen. Sebastian grew up to a Cheerful child. Current baby count is 65.

Week 64 starts with Thyra Nyberg, adult, her four sons and two daughters. The kids are one teen, three children and two toddlers. Thyra is pregnant by Peter Roos and expects her 14th child.

The week starts with Easter Monday and everybody is looking for eggs

It’s very hard to tell Sebastian and Terje apart and we realize during the egghunt that we labelled them wrongly in the cover picture

Even the toddlers are in on the egghunt although they don’t find any

Babytime! The leyline is active, but it won’t have any effect, we only have one slot left in the house.

On Monday at 1.59 pm, a boy is born. He gets the name Per.

His father Peter is here for the birth. He’s always here. He’s stuck in the house somehow and never leaves.

With a little brother born, Karin remains the heir.

Despite the fact that the kids have a day off school on Easter Monday, Terje gets an A.

While Teodor calls to the grand meal, Thyra is making the cake

It’s a honey cake made from the family’s own honey.

Terje becomes a Kleptomaniac and dresses the part.

After giving birth, having a grand meal and a birthday, it’s time for Thyra to egghunt, in  the dark, in the rain…

But then it’s time to concentrate on Karin’s development.

Although his twin just became a teen, it’s time for Teodor to grow up to a young adult.

He gets a chocolate cake and becomes a Slob. A fine pair of brothers this!

Teodor is moved out to live with his older siblings

It’s time for Thyra to end her romance with Peter. Yoaquin and Yonah are still not adults, so we have one more chance to have another pregnancy.

Peter exit, Martin enter!

Per grows up with black hair and the Independent trait. Great! Then he can potty train himself.

Back to Martin!

Selma sneaked in for a nap before we realized she has A grades. In the background we see that Peter is still hanging around the house.

Selma gets a white cake. Need to have some varity when we have so many birthdays

She grows up with an LTW for a Soulmate and a trait of Erratic. It would have been fun to play her as heir, but alas… Pretty girl though!

The current heir is working on her skills accompanied by her ancestral grandmothers. Peter has taken a spare bed as his own.

On Thursday morning both Karin and her stinky brother Kain are ready to grow up. Per is just in the beginning of his training.

One moment please!

Thyra is pregnant!

We found a new cake in the recipe list -   a Wintercake. It looks gorgeous! It’s fitting for the heir’s birthday

Karin grows up to be a Perfectionist and to look like a boy. We need to change that. Her clothes are also far from perfect

Stinky Kain is next

Kain grows up to be a Genius and dresses like a Geek. It’s fitting.

School is out for the day, and Terje and Sebastian have A grades.

We just continue with the same cake

Terje becomes a Goofball

Sebastian is cheered on by many, including his twin sister Selma

He becomes a Goofball too. It has been a strong trait in this family since the days of Linnea

Thyra’s oldest sons are here for the hallabaloo and we find that Yoaquin and Yonah are now adults, which means that this pregnancy is the last.

And therefore, the picture of Thyra and Martin takes its place on the bedroom wall together with the earlier generations.

After the party Terje is moved out to live with the others

And Thyra accepts a date with Martin. As we know, we will now have a different kind of play, until the next heir is old enough to breed.

Martin knows this will be great for him!

Thyra asks him to be her boyfriend and he accepts.

Back home, Selma is an A student

Is it the fifth cake this week?

We didn’t even get a before-picture, but we see that it’s another honey cake and the Peter is still here in his pyjama

Selma accepts a job in social media. We will keep her in the house until Sebastian is ready to move out too.

It’s time for the Valborg celebrations. We see that Karin had her make-over and has a mainly yellow wardrobe.

In the evening it’s time for fireworks. It becomes a bit more exciting than necessary, but all live.


On Sunday afternoon at 4.41 pm, twin GIRLS are born. They get the names Malin and Marie, and we now don’t know who’s the current heir. Future will tell.

The highlander Martin is father to the twins, but also to Thyra’s deceased sister Maria.

The older brothers are fine with the birth of the twins

But the dethroned heir seems a bit upset.

And we end this week with the final family tree for Thyra. She’s got one sister and three brothers still alive. They were originally 13 siblings. Thyra herself has been enormously productive and has given birth to 16 children, whereof only one single baby. The only one that had so many before her was Linnea. 32 babies to go, but it will be quite a while before that happens.

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