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100 Baby Challenge - Week 63, Winterfest Babies

Merry Christmas to all our readers!

Last time, Teodor and Terje grew up to Inquisitive and Angelic toddlers. Sebastian and Selma were born and Kelly got dethroned from the heir seat. The harvest fest gnomes were not nice to the children. Kevin and Kelly grew up to Geek and Goofball teens.

Week 63 starts with Thyra Nyberg, young adult, her four sons and two daughters. The kids are two teens and four (!) toddlers. Thyra is pregnant by Kabir Acharya and expects her 12th child. The current baby count is 63. Selma is the current heir.

“Do you want to go on a date?”
“No thanks, I’m already pregnant”

And potty training is in progress

Kabir’s evening continues from the pub to the night club.
“Still no thanks”

Yay, one less toddler!

Kay wants to come over. Of course!

Tetsu is here too to see his defiant son grow up.

He grows up to be Mean. That will be fun…

It’s a freezing cold winter, as usual in Willow Creek. Thyra still works in the greenhouse on occasion.

The family makes a common effort to take care of and teach the toddlers as much as possible.

Kevin spends time with the resident ghosts

The cold keeps everybody inside

The ghosts keep breaking the dollhouse and the repairmen never fix it, so Thyra has to do it herself.

Yay, Terje is due to grow up too!

Tetsu is invited back to grow up his other son.

He grows up to be Lazy.

Thyra ends her romance with Kabir.

Kevin and Kelly comes home with A grades. Time for a party!

Kevin grows up to be a Foodie

And Kelly becomes a Slob.

And they are moved out to live with their triplet brothers.

Kay wants to come over again. He loves to visit his mama! Sure, welcome!

Selma’s training continues and we have begun thinking if this pregnancy could be twins now when there’s room, or if it will be only one since we only had one slot open when it was conceived.

Jaana keeps her granddaughter company in the kitchen and are still waiting for the birth

It’s winterfest morning and Teodor and Terje are working on the tree. For being Mean and Lazy they are quite nice.

Yay, looking good!

And even better when it’s lit.

They put their nice clothes on and wait for the guests, there will be a family celebration!

And in the middle of making the ham, the labour starts

But as we know labour takes time, so they have time to eat and are half way through the presents before anything happens


It IS twins, a boy and a girl! At 3.47 pm on Winterfest Wednesday Kain and Karin are born and Selma is no longer the heir

And in the middle of it all Thyra grows up to an adult, all forgotten

She isn’t so sad about that, instead the winterfest celebrations continue and her new love interest Peter gets a present.

Teodor, the mean one, remember, he’s happy to have new siblings

And here comes Kung Bore!

After the party nobody leaves, but hang around as if they lived here. They are all hogging the babies too, so it’s hard for Thyra to take care of them.

Since it is RL Christmas, j68 bought Parenthood for herself, so now we can see that Teodor has bad empathy. That is probably due to his mean trait.

Selma is ready to grow up!

Since her father is dead, Thyra helps her with the candles. The family still hangs around

She grows up to a Geek Whiz kid and with a dire need for a makeover

Sebastian still needs more work on his thinking skill

It takes time…

Peter never left after winterfest either, so Thyra takes a break to make another baby. We’re again in the situation that we have only one slot in the house, and this time we will probably not have the time to grow anyone up to move out, Teodor and Terje are only children!

We have now woohooed with 50 unique sims. That's some achievement…

Thyra is for sure pregnant

And Teodor has A grades! But since it’s Friday he will be off school and won’t be able to excel further before the baby is here

Here we go – it’s so freezing outside so even though we have the thermostat on warm everybody is wearing their outdoor clothes in the house.

Teodor grows up with a wish to become a Musical genius, and – o joy – he’s also Evil.

Kain grows up to be Angelic with black hair. He looks like Selma did.

And our heir Karin grows up blond and silly. She looks like Sebastian.

Next generation on the potty. Teodor loves that everybody else is sad and angry.

Thyra levels up in parenting

And FINALLY Sebastian is done with his thinking.

Quick, blow out the candles!

He grows up to be a Cheerful Social butterfly and to look exactly like Terje

With parenthood the relatives started sending birthday gifts. Apparently the ghosts do too.

New Year’s Eve!

And we end this week with the first day of spring, that is also New Skill day. 35 babies to go!

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