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100 Baby Challenge - Week 62, Autumn holidays

Last time, Yoaquin and Yonah grew up to Slob and Foodie young adults and moved out. Karl and Kalle grew up to Glutton and Outdoor loving teens. Kevin and Kelly grew up to Goofball and Outgoing children. The triplets Karl, Kay and Kalle had a record career in school and grew up to Music Lover, Creative and Foodie young adults and moved out. Teodor and Terje were born.

Week 62 starts with Thyra Nyberg, young adult, her three sons and one daughter. The kids are two children and two babies. Thyra is pregnant by Seiji Maeda and expects her 10th child.

Kelly is still the heir and dances herself playful

Then we get the message that Kelly and Kevin’s father Kengo died and everybody will be sad again

Teodor grows up to a rye blond Inquisitive toddler

Terje becomes Angelic and has the same flax blond hair as his mother and older siblings.

Thyra is as we know pregnant by Seiji Maeda, and now we get the message that he died, even before his child is even born. Thyra got to him in the last minute it seems!

Strange weather indeed! We’re a good bit into the autumn and it’s sunny and hot!

Martin the highlander invites Thyra to join the punchliner club so she goes to meet him.

But then her brother Kent calls and asks her to visit

There she meets her niece Malin for the first time and she’s already a teen. Her sister Marianne is not at home. Kent is not at home either, even if it was him inviting Thyra.

Back home she spends some time with Kelly, who’s working on her scouts badges.

The toddlers are stinky and sad

And here comes the new batch

On Wednesday at 2.20 pm a boy and a GIRL are born! They get the names Sebastian and Selma.

Kelly is very sad to have new siblings and to not be the heir anymore.

Kevin doesn’t care, he works on his motor skill

Then it’s harvest fest and the gnomes are not nice to the children!

A grand meal is to be had. It’s not the turkey that stinks, it’s some old dishes on the table. Thyra never cleans, since she’s a slob.

Now Gurli is dead too and the eternal sadness continues.

But we have room for one more baby in the house and Thyra starts working on the next baby daddy.

Kelly and Kevin both have A grades and it’s time to grow up

OMG! Pretty boy! Kevin grows up to be a Geek and a Friend of the World.

Kelly grows up to be a Goofball and wishes to become a Bestselling Author. Too bad she isn’t the heir, would have been a perfect LTW for someone not allowed to have a job outside the house.

Thyra mixes drinks in the freezing cold as per usual. This time she’s sensibly dressed at least.

The youngest twins are due to grow up as well. Sebastian is a blond Charmer

And Clingy Selma gets black hair.

Then it’s time for the next holiday, Alla Helgon. Thyra talks to all her ancestral mothers for the remembrance part of the holiday

Candles are lit

The family attends the ceremony, but the toddlers are left at home.

Then back to the ordinary programme.

It feels like a waste of time to go through a pregnancy when there can only be one. Especially since we find out that Kabir is a Genius

Finally someone is cleaning up this place! Thanks, Kevin!

Kelly works on her logic skill

Thyra works on her dancing and then the week is over. 37 babies to go!
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