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100 Baby Challenge - Week 61, Mass Migration

WE’RE BACK! New computer installed and it works like a clock. Wiihoo!!

Last time, we celebrated a successful but snowy Easter and a warm and nice Valborg. Kay started a fire with the experiment table. Yoaquin and Yonah grew up to Insider and Nature loving teens. Kevin and Kelly grew up to Fussy and Silly toddlers. Kay outgrew his triplet brothers and grew up to a Hotheaded teen. Thyra’s siblings were dying off and caused eternal sadness in the family.

Week 61 starts with Thyra, young adult, her six sons and one daughter. The children are three teens, two children and two toddlers. The house is full so Thyra is not pregnant. Current baby count is 59.

The waiting game continues as summer draws in with hot temperatures.

With a big family, a lot of cooking is required. Luckily Thyra is a Foodie and loves cooking gourmet food.

Yoaquin, Karl and Kalle comes home with A grades and a big birthday party is arranged

Martin the mixologist is the father of Thyra’s older sister Maria, but he’s obviously a highlander, since he’s still a young adult.

Let’s keep him on the baby daddy list for later.

Yoaquin grows up to be a Slob and chooses a career in entertainment, since his LTW is to become a Musical genius

Then it’s Karl’s turn.

He grows up to be a Glutton Friend of the World.


He grows up to be a Nature loving Angling Ace. Perfect combination!

It’s Yonah’s birthday too, by age and not grades.

He becomes a Foodie and chooses a career as a Critic. Seems to fit his traits of being a Neat Foodie.

They are both moved out to live with their uncles Kent and Kenneth, Kenneth’s wife Anvi and their cousins Marianne and Malin.

Time for skill grinding for the teens

And for the toddlers.

It’s time for Midsummer and eventually some new babies. Tetsu is invited. Thyra knows him quite well but doesn’t know his traits.

But first some food

The first thing we find out is that Tetsu is mean… Oh, well, it might not pass on. And we might not have a girl, then it doesn’t matter.

Tetsu leaves for the night and Thyra spends some time with her big boys, the triplets. They are working hard on their homework to get better grades.

Next day we find out that Tetsu is a Kleptomaniac as well…

It’s too late for regrets now anyway, new baby/ies on the way!

Thyra spends her pregnancy in the greenhouse to make some money

Our heir and her twin brother spends all their time in the bathroom to reach level 3 in potty so we can grow them up.

There we go! It has been a long time since we grew up toddlers on skill points!

Amazingly the triplets all come home with A grades on the same day

We missed the picture but Kevin grows up to a Goofball Artistic Prodigy

Kelly grows up to be an Outgoing Artistic Prodigy

Kay, Karl and Kalle blows out their candles and become Creative, Music Lover and Foodie respectively.

We can’t get rid of them fast enough! They start their own household and Thyra is left in the house with just two children!

The weather is terrible and is forecasted to last the rest of the summer, but the bees need tending.

We wait for the birth…

Meanwhile we give our heir a most needed make-over. She looks very much like Thyra

Kevin and Kelly are close and spend a lot of time together. They only have each other!

Thyra even has time to help out with the homework!

And to work in the greenhouse

And being creative in the kitchen.

Kelly experiments.

Thyra ends her romance with Tetsu and has figured out that his last trait is Self-Assured. Let’s hope that is the trait he leaves to his offspring.

Kelly and Kevin have joined the scouts and help out around the house for badge progress.

Thyra maxes out her gourmet cooking skill

Saturday evening labour starts

Kelly continues to experiment

And Kevin supports his mother.

At 03.06 am Sunday week 61, a set of twin boys (!) are born. They get the names Teodor and Terje.

Immediately Thyra starts working on the next baby daddy, Seiji Maeda. They have known each other for a while and we already know that he is an Irratic Cheerful Geek.

Kelly witnesses the first kiss, but she’s unphased.

Moving fast, Thyra is already pregnant again!

Kelly and Kevin are working on their scout badges

And on their aspiration

Thyra is passing time farting while cooking. Luckily she’s outside!

And we end with the family tree, where we see that Thyra has six siblings still alive, and nine children, whereof one (!) daughter. 39 babies to go!

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