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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Pettersson

Last time, Jessica Pettersson couldn’t decide between her two boyfriends so she started a third relationship with Glenn Dimander, married him, took his name and had a son named Jens. The rest of the time she played guitar

Jessica Dimander, Fortune/Grilled Cheese, LTW Criminal MAstermind
Glenn Dimander, Family/Pleasure, LTW 6 grandchildren
Jens Dimander, baby

Jessica has a secondary grilled cheese aspiration and gets her first points from cooking and eating grilled cheese

Glenn is a secondary Pleasure and likes to dance

But first and foremost he’s Family and adopts a puppy named Daim

Not much is happening

But suddenly Jessica grows up to elder, while Jens is still a baby

He’s due to grow up too though, so now we have a toddler

So Jens becomes very much the center of attention

Unless grilled cheese is needed


Both Glenn and Jessica likes to play the guitar

They also spend a lot of time together, fulfilling each other’s wishes.

Dancing is big as well

Jens gets a lot of wishes in

Then Glenn decides it’s time for another dog that he names Japp

Jens learns to talk

And the parents date

And all of a sudden Jens is a big boy

Jessica gets promoted to Bookmaker

And celebrates with another date

Jens manages to fulfil his own wishes nowadays

He’s a social little boy and brings Samanta Ottomas home from school

Jessica still loves her guitar

When she’s not playing the guitar she’s socializing

Jens does his homework like a good boy

Then he invites Samanta over for a play date

Jessica spends her day in the nude

When Glenn asks her for a date she eventually gets dressed.

Glenn makes a friend

Then some juggling and the sims for small wishes.

Jens spends Sunday making friends, and then the week is over.

It was pretty easy but very repetitive to keep this family happy. The parents often wanted to date and Jens is social too so just some interactions with random sims kept him happy. The dogs were completely ignored by all, including the SimGodess. They even grew up unnoticed during the week.

Tags: belladonna wishes, pettersson, sims 2

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