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100 Baby Challenge - Week 60, The Waiting Game

Last time Thyra went to the humour festival and won fireworks after having bought the same. Yoaquin grew up a happy toddler and became a Goofball child. Yonah grew up to a Neat child. They were both enrolled in the scouts. Karl, Kay and Kalle grew up to be Active, Geek and Slob children. Kevin and Kelly were born.

Week 60 starts with Thyra Nyberg, young adult, her six (!) sons and one daughter. The kids are five children and two babies. The house is full, so no pregnancies before the oldest are out of the house. Current baby count is 59.

Bad news: Hector, Thyra’s brother died. Everyone will be miserable for half the week

Good news: The brothers like their baby siblings

We had 13 children in Thyra’s generation, and ten remain, 6 girls and 4 boys. Three of the siblings are grey and we don’t look forward to them dying off and causing eternal sadness in Thyra’s family. In the youngest generation we have six boys and one girl. At least the heir is secured! Reasonably, Thyra is half way through the children she will have, already as a young adult.

It is Easter, and thereby spring. Yonah hates that it snows on Easter, as you do. J68 can relate, it’s at least 50% risk of snow on Easter where this computer lives. As a whole, the climate in Willow Creek seems to be similar to the weather in northern Europe.

Yonah’s got the option to “Complain about snow” and he does so!

Karl on the other hand, who just grew up, loves the "first snow" of the year. This is so funny J

Let the egg hunt begin! Karl, put a coat on!

Yoaquin is more sensibly dressed but doesn’t find any eggs

The family is invited over for Easter lunch of fish

And eventually the holiday is successful for all

Oops! Kay’s experimenting failed! Or succeeded, depending on what he was trying to do. The bench starts on fire!

Thyra is fast and takes care of it.

Then some cooking in the filthy kitchen. The most usual activity nowadays.

Yoaquin and Yonah come home with A grades. One step closer to new babies!

Thyra made a honey cake for them

Yoaquin grows up to be an Insider with an LTW to become a Musical Genius.

Yonah grows up to an Outdoors Lover with an LTW to become an Angling Ace. Fitting! Probably the readers don’t remember, but the Y’s father had the exact same mohawk and he was an Insider. His sons inherited one feature each.

Now Magda has died so we will have days of sadness again, but it is Kevin and Kelly’s birthday!

Kevin becomes Fussy and Kelly Silly

They are both blond like Thyra

They are both blond like Thyra

Now Maja is dead too, so another sadness boost for the family. The thing in the window is some love day handicraft one of the kids made at some point, it’s kinda cute!

Well all, time to grind so that you can get A grades and grow up

Pass out  - skill, repeat

Looky here! Kay has A grades! Partytime!

He will now leave the triplethood and become an independent teen

Classically pear shaped Kay becomes a Hotheaded Outdoor Enthusiast

His father Kayaan (on the left) is pretty pear shaped too.

Kelly spends time with her father Kengo who has become very gray.

Then more skills

Valborg and nice weather is here, so we arrange a fire pit in the backyard

They hang around the fire all day

And with dusk comes fireworks!

Kalle teaches Kelly shapes. It gives him good deed points for the scouts and her faster skill. Win-win!

The former triplets pass time with random outdoor activities until they can go back to school on Monday.

Yoaquin and Yonah work on their skills to also reach better grades

And Thyra has started to show interest in the greenhouse that eventually got built, since the plants her mother Anna planted and her brother Kent took care of is a steady source of income. 41 babies to go.

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