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100 Baby Challenge - Week 59, Full House

Last time, Yoaquin and Yonah grew up to Clingy and Angelic toddlers. Kenneth unexpectedly became father of twin girls and moved out to live with his family even after being denied marriage. The triplets Karl, Kay and Kalle were born and grew up to Fussy, Angelic, Charmer toddlers. Kent moved out to live with his twin after being denied romance altogether.

Week 59 starts with Thyra Nyberg, young adult and her five sons. The children are all toddlers (!). Thyra is not pregnant. Current baby count is 57.

We start off this week with everybody very sad since Helge, Thyra’s brother died. The freezing Willow Creek winter hasn’t really set in yet.

Thyra is in a generally bad mood when we see that the humour festival is in town

Her sister-in-law Anvi invites her to go and she says yes

She invites Kayaan, who we need to end things with, and some potential new baby daddies. Why not work on them at the same time?

But the main reason to go there is to buy the fireworks that we will need in half a year when it’s Valborg.

We have since learned that it’s probably possible to buy the fireworks from the internet, so we wouldn’t have had to come and faint on the festival grounds.

We didn’t even have to buy them this time, since Thea is in the prankster group and they won the festival competition, thereby getting fireworks for free. Oh, well…

Back home we are grinding toddler skills to be able to age up the boys. We have learned from another 100 baby challenge player that it doesn’t matter if the toddlers are stinky, so even if it doesn’t look good, it’s fine.

Just in time before he’s due to grow up anyway, Yoaquin gets his skills to three, except potty, but that is apparently not needed to get the “happy toddler” trait. We learn something new every day!

Yoaqin grows up to become a Artistic Prodigy Goofball.

Kenneth helps his Slob sister with the dishes.

Yonah didn’t quite make it to happy toddler

He grows up to be a Neat Whiz Kid. At last someone will clean up around here! Poor boy, he will have a lot to do all the time. Both boys are immediately enrolled in the scouts

Winterfest! The grand meal is served for breakfast

The potential baby daddies are invited for the festivities

They are all decorating the tree together.

Thyra is a bit insensitive and ends her romance with Kayaan on winterfest.

And she starts flirting with Kengo instead.

Present time, and father winter aka Kung Bore is here. He contributes to the big boys’ scouting skills

Nearly all of them get great presents, for example a chess table, which we already have, but anyway.

Between winterfest and new year’s eve there is a TV season’s premier. Thyra uses it to get close to Kengo

Yay, pregnant!

“Hi, it’s Kengo, do you want to go for a date?”
“No thanks, come back when  your children are here”

New year’s eve! Karl is in party mood and practices dancing

Thyra mixes a drink in the freezing garden. Despite trying, we cannot find room for the bar indoors.

Kengo and the other potential baby daddies are invited for the occasion and all in all it’s a successful party

The triplets are soon due to grow up and we work hard to get their skills up to level three.

Just as the family has recovered from the last death we hear that Johan, Thyra’s oldest brother died.

In good news though, Thyra finally has enough aspiration points to get the seldom sleepy trait.

Birthday party!

Karl goes first and grows up to be an Active Social butterfly

Kay becomes a Geek artistic prodigy

And last but not least, Kalle becomes a Social butterfly Slob

Time for new babies!

Meanwhile, the boys do their homework together. It’s time to grind to get them to teens

And right before the end of the week, at 11.00 pm,  another set of twins are born. It’s a boy theat gets the name Kevin and a GIRL! We have an heir, finally, and her name is Kelly. 41 babies to go.

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