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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Ottomas

Last time, Karina moved to Uni as we have already seen. The family fulfilled many wishes through interacting with each other. Peter Sr dated other women behind Samanta’s back and eventually got caught. Tommy played chess. The younger boys skipped rope. A kitten was adopted. Samanta’s spring kisses went to her children and she started dating outside the marriage too.

Peter Ottomas, Romance/Fortune, LTW Hall of Famer
Samanta Ottomas, Family/Romance, LTW Captain Hero
Tommy Ottomas, teen, Romance, LTW 20 loves
Arne Ottomas, teen, Knowledge, LTW Prestidigitator
Peter Ottomas, teen, Family, LTW 6 grandchildren
Mårran, the cat

Samanta gets wishes from talking to her family

Peter Jr loves the cat

All the boys go downtown to buy electronics

Back home the uni siblings are invited to hang out

Peter is so happy his shift is over that he dances

Then some talking and serving dinner.

Babytime! It gives Samanta a massive wish. The baby is a girl and gets the name Samanta too.

Buying some baby stuff gives some more wishes.

Despite loving the new baby, Peter Jr still loves the cat.

Peter Sr puts the baby on the floor to pay attention to the cat. This is a very loved cat!

Tommy likes dancing

And he wants a date

Barbara Glenarp accepts his invitation

Samanta calls both David and Karina almost every day

Arne is very sad that the private school won’t accept his application

Peter Sr has a lot of two-bolters and when Samanta is at work he invites one for a date

It’s a heated encounter.

When Samanta comes home she wants some action too!

Peter praises Mårran on his way to school

And some computer games and dancing when he gets back

Arne is determined, and succeeds, to get accepted in private school. It’s a big boost for him! The brothers who couldn't care less are accepted as well.

Then, dance party

Samanta Jr grows up to become another wishful sim in this way too big family

Peter meets someone new

The cat learns NOT to keep off the sim beds since the boys wish to praise her when she’s doing the wrong thing.

Samanta Jr is the center of attention and learns to walk, which gives both Samantas a boost.

Peter gets fit

Peter Jr finally has a wish for a random skill point so that we can make him clean the house. It’s much needed.

Then he serves dinner. He’s a very domestic sim indeed. Family sims are great!

A period of skilling ensues

The family is artistic and loves music and art.

Samanta gets promoted and has a short interaction with Samanta before it’s time for her next shift.

Peter takes advantage of his wife’s absence

He DOES take care of Samanta, but he doesn’t clean. No one does, so the house is always a mess

Tommy dates the paper girl, but he needed to start a party to get her on the lot. It’s not possible to call NPCs in my game.

She gives him his daily points

Arne makes his own points

Samanta talks to Karina again

All the boys get secondary aspirations

Peter wants a date but the girl never shows

So he plays with the cat instead

And with his brother

Arne sneaks out with his friend Marcus

Unfortunately he gets caught

When his father comes out to scold him, his grandmother comes first and scares him good

Real good…

Peter succeeds in getting him back

And being a Knowledge sim Arne loves the experience

During all this, Samanta Jr is working on her creativity skill

And soon life returns to normal, with dating parents and filthy bathrooms

The boys, and especially Tommy are doing some dating too

It doesn’t always work out so well though

Peter takes up flower arranging

And Samanta Jr gets her wishes from her mother

And all of a sudden she’s a child and her father is very glad to become best friends with her.

Then he meets someone new online and does some stargazing

Samanta is glad to sell her mother and brother some lemonade

Back to dating

Date activity: Go fishing with little sister.

Tommy dates Signe again

Arne likes Barbara

Samanta is on the phone with Karina again and wishes for another baby. You have six children already and you are too old!

Peter is even older and grows up well to an elder.

Peter still teaches the cat the wrong things

And we have a fight between Tommy and Arne! Probably due to the drama with Signe

Good thing that Tommy’s off to Uni!

For having so many sims, the result is pretty good, especially since Samanta Jr was a baby the first three days and didn’t contribute. It was a rough start for Arne when he was still a pure Knowledge sim, but it took off after he had his secondary Pleasure.

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