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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Ottomas Uni

Last time, David was all alone in Uni. He played chess and dated Sigrid, a three-bolt girl. He actually did some studying and hung out with his male friends too. Between the rounds his sister Karina moved in.

David Ottomas, Popularity/Romance, LTW Rock God
Karina Ottomas, Pleasure, LTW Game Designer

Karina moves in and makes an effort to get to know her fellow dorm mates.

David tries to become a member of the Greek House.

Then he invites his girlfriend over

It’s not a date, they just hang out.

Then some computer games

And then a thing we never do – David asks his dorm mate to write his term paper for him

Apparently it works since we get the message that Christopher finished David’s term paper, while Karina socializes with dorm mate Ronny.

Ronny is a three-bolter, but Karina is going steady with Oscar Bergros since some other play session.

Apparently she is also in love with Max Flex. Let’s start a party and invite them both over to stir things up a bit.

Conveniently (and hilariously) David just finished his studies on couple counselling

Karina has a pillow fight with Max, who looks disturbingly much like her brother.

And she spends time chatting with Ronny. Not sure if Oscar showed up. In that case she ignored him.

David’s turn to get some wishes.

Back to Karina. Max is hotter than Oscar, so she invites Max for a date

And he falls madly in love with her

David wants a date too

But she stands him up and he withdraws to the chess table

And he socializes with some random dorm mates

Karina gets a point from lighting a fire

And then she lights another fire by asking Ronny for a date

Brother and sister even gets some wishes from each other sometimes

David and Sigrid still has a thing going

And so do Karina and Ronny

More dating

And as a finale, 10 best friends for David.

A Popularity/Romance and a Pleasure sim are very easy to keep happy in uni with all the time for dating at hand. It shows in the score!

Tags: belladonna wishes, ottomas, sims 2

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