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Belladonna Wishes - Week 3 - Odelberg

We're back with a break of Sims 2!

Last time Desirée played chess and computer games and spent time with her girlfriend Tabitha, without any wishes for a more serious relationship. She was the victim of a burglary and won a dance competition. Additionally she almost starved to death.

Desiree Odelberg, Knowledge, LTW Education Minister

When we start off the week we have an ongoing date. And lo and behold, Desirée wants to get married to Tabitha, her longterm girlfriend.


They have a lovely date which fulfils all Desirée’s wishes

And at the end of the day Tabitha Olofsson moves in.

She is a Knowledge sim too and wishes for a job and a large telescope. Her LTW is to become a Prestidigitator.

She chooses a secondary aspiration of Pleasure.

When Tabitha becomes friends with Josefin, we find out that she’s got another lover too.

Later in her first day she finds one of the jobs she wishes for

And then a skill point in a chess game with a neighbour

Back to Desirée. She gets small wishes from talking to her friends and blogging. The couple needs a real house. This little apartment can fit only a single bed.


The wedding party is combined with a date which leads to a roaring success on both sides

Then back to skilling for the knowledge couple

But Desirée also likes having people over.

And Tabitha can enjoy a big of juggling.

Mostly we spend the days fulfilling small wishes

Sometimes a date

And a lot of skilling

They get rid of the telescope to be able to fit a birdcage.

Desirée gets a secondary aspiration of Grilled Cheese

And after that her life has only one focus

Tabitha continues to have small wishes like playing computer games

And with a couple of small purchases the week is over.

It is usually pretty hard, and pretty boring to keep two Knowledge sims happy. It requires secondary aspirations and since Desirée and Tabitha have Pleasure and grilled cheese as secondary, it helps a lot.

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