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100 Baby Challenge - Week 58, Mad Men

Last time, Thyra grew up to a Foodie young adult. Thor, Thea and Maria were moved out and the lot trait changed to leyline in preparation for new babies. Thyra worked on Kayaan and Youssef as potential baby daddies and eventually got pregnant by Youssef. Kent and Kenneth grew up to Dance Machine and Goofball young adults and landed jobs as gardener and writer. Yoaquin and Yonah were born.

Week 58 starts with Thyra Nyberg, young adult, her two brothers and two sons. The children are babies. Thyra is currently not pregnant. Current baby count is 54.

The ghosts are good baby sitters

Thyra has always been fond of cold weather, but raking leaves in shorts and tank top seems a bit over the top

Time for some romance! We need more babies.

Yay, pregnant!

Kent hates children but apparently that doesn’t apply to babies. Good for us, then he can help out with the babies.

We plan to marry off the brothers and move them out. It is decided that Anvi is the one for Kenneth.

The youngsters seem to agree

Thyra: “Great! When are you moving in together?”

“No thanks I don’t want to go on a date. I don’t need you until the babies are born.” (Yes, we believe it will be twins)

Time to grow up the current babies. Yoaquin becomes Clingy

And Yonah becomes Angelic

Now skill up quickly so we can send you to school!

And Thyra, get as many points as possible so we can acquire the Seldom sleepy trait

You need it! And the LTW won’t help us much. She wants to own 30 windows (!) and have a home worth 200.000§. That will probably not happen in this generation.

We also need to prepare for more baby daddies, so Thyra goes for a day out in her shorts and tank top mid-autumn to meet some men.

It works so-so. Probably Seiji will not be the next in line…

Going to the circus with sister Thea seems more fun!

The circus is not yet though, so still very angry, Thyra tries the libabry. There are only women. As IRL.

Although one of the women is sister Gurli, so that’s nice!

Now when the boys are toddlers Kent’s childhating trait is active. He has the option to “Crush dreams” when speaking to a toddler! We need to get him married off and out of the house.

Carina is the girl we have in mind for Kent, but she’s very angry and hard to talk to.

Anvi Kumar, Kenneth’s girlfriend calls to tell him that she just had twins. WHAT?! Is Kenneth the father?

He is! Have no recollection that they would have tried for a baby, but they must have. Kenneth is now the energized father of twin girls Malin and Marianne.

Harvest fest is upon us and Kenneth invites the mother of his children

He asks her to marry him

She says no which upsets him very much and a very awkward moment ensues when she despite her rejection tries to hug him.

But they do still love each other very much

And it is decided that Kenneth will move in with his little family anyway. Who needs to be married these days?

Labour starts!

While Thyra is in labour we realize that Yonah and Yoaquin love the grand meal from being Angelic and Clingy. Didn’t know toddlers could have opinions on holidays.


On Thursday week 58 at 17.47 we have a boy named Karl.

And a boy named Kay.

And a boy named Kalle! OMG, triplets! Not the first time though, Thyra is a triplet too!

“I’m so greatful for all my boys, but eventually I would really need a girl!”

Not anytime soon though.

Kayaan wants to come over. Welcome to meet your sons!

And their brothers.

Now follows a period of cooping up. Thyra denies all invitations to go out, just trying to cope with her five sons with the help of the ghosts, and Kent, who at least manages to not freak out from the babies.

It’s hard to find time to celebrate Alla Helgon.

The holiday also gives us birthdays. Karl grows up to be Fussy.

Kay becomes Angelic. And blond!

Kalle becomes a charmer, also blond.
Oh joy, we now have five toddler boys and a child hating brother in the house…

Anvi, her sister in law, asks Thyra to come along to the gym.
“Yes please!”

Look, there’s a guy! And Thyra’s sister Maria!

At home, life with five toddlers goes on…

Kent makes another effort to get close to Carina

It doesn’t work so well. He embarasses himself.

So when Kenneth asks him to come for a guy’s night out, he doesn’t hesitate.

And it’s decided that Kent will move in with Kenneth’s family.

To end off this week, Thyra gets the message that Youssef, Yoaquin and Yonah’s father passed away. 43 babies to go!

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