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100 Baby Challenge - Week 57, Generation 6

Last time, we completed our decorational egg collection. Kent and Kenneth grew up to look different and became Childhating and Genius teens. Anna died and officially made Thyra the new baby mother. Thor grew up to a young adult Goofball and Thea to be Good. The teens had a wilderness Valborg without fireworks.

Week 57 starts with Thyra Nyberg, her two sisters and three brothers. The family consists of three young adults and three teens. The current baby count is 52.

The time has come, we cannot hold it off anymore. Thyra is going to be an adult!

She grows up to become a Foodie on top of being a Goofball Slob with an LTW to be a Mansion Baron

As a consequence, Maria, Thea and Thor are moved out. Kent and Kenneth are only teens and will stay for now.

It’s also time to change the lot traits again, to better our chances to ever be done with this challenge.

Who does Thyra know who could be a baby daddy? She calls Kayaan to have a chat. Martin is also possible, but since he seems to be forever young, and being rye blond, we can hold that off for a while.

What we also need is the fertility trait which cost 3000 points and Thyra has only 1600. Let’s get some points!

Playing in the rain is the first wish

And then to paint.

Meeting up with Kayaan, but then wishing to talk to another guy

Thyra invites over the other guy, who’s name is Youssef. Kent brings home a girl named Carina from school. They have been classmates since they were children, but maybe there is something more there…

There are terrible thunderstorms outside, but inside it’s cosy, even though the stereo is broken

Thyra is not letting Youssef off the hook

But eventually he’s leaving into the stormy night.

The next day is Midsommar. Thyra hosts a house party and is just about to start the barbecue when we realize that it is ruined by fire! It must have been the lightning striking the barbecue. And Thyra doesn’t have the money to replace it. On midsommar! We need the barbecue!

She has to settle with the smallest one

“Cheers little brother! Let’s get this party started!”

Thyra makes good use of her new little grill

And they all make good use of the bar and the bartender Martin

It’s a great party!

And Kenneth might have found himself a girl!

Thyra and Youssef takes it to the next level

Yay, generation 6 is on their way!

The twins do their homework with the help of grandma Jaana, and they work on their skills

Kent is an A student by Thursday, but we’ll wait for Kenneth before we grow them up.

The thunderstorms are back, but Thyra tries to keep the relationship warm with Kayaan for the next batch of babies.

Oops, a bit hotter than expected!

Hanging out with family! We’re all just waiting here…

Here we go, Kenneth has an A

Thyra made them a zombie cake. They are her little brothers after all J

Kent becomes a dance macine and Kenneth a goofball

Let’s eat cake!

Kent accepts a job in gardening and Kenneth as a Writer

Then the party continues with the resident ghosts

We realize that Thyra has enough points to get the Fertile trait. Wonder if it wll kick in immediately?

She invites Youssef over to break up with him, but she doesn’t really behave like if she would have wanted that.

He must be very surprised

Kent starts working on flower arranging. That can give a lot of money we have learned elsewhere

Labour starts!

Between the contractions she plays cards with Anna

Leyline active!

On Sunday week 57 at 02.57 am, two boys are born and they get the names Yoaquin and Yonah. 46 babies to go!

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