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100 Baby Challenge - Week 56, Telling Twins Apart

Last time, we had to sell half our furniture to be able to pay the bills. Thyra grew up to a Goofball Mansion Baron teen. Maria became an A student during winterfest lunch and grew up to be Non-committal. She landed a job in Athletics. Thea was an A student, but she was not allowed to grow up. All the kids worked hard towards their scout badges and made new year’s resolutions to be better scouts.

Week 56 starts with Anna Nyberg, elder, her three daughters and three sons. The children are one young adult, three teens and two children. Anna will obviously not have any more babies. Total baby count is 52.

Anna tried to do some jogging, both for her new year’s resolution and for skill day, but ended up being dangerously exhausted. Oops!

Maria is young and strong though, and very happy that it’s spring so she can run outside.

Kent is working on his creativity

And Thyra on her social badge

In the middle of an interaction with Anna she earns the badge.

And then it’s Easter. Thyra is tense from all the ghost encounters she’s had lately, but the egg hunt cheers her up.

Still tense, Thyra works on her “give back” badge.

One by one the kids complete their egg hunt around the house

And by the end of the day we have a complete collection of decorative eggs! Didn’t even know there was such a thing

The adult siblings are invited to Easter dinner

Anna cooks a fabulous grand meal of fish for everyone.

And Thyra earns another badge and gets promoted to unicorn scout.

And here’s the full collection of eggs!

Suddenly Kent and Kenneth are very sad and we suspect Kengo died. The family tree confirms the suspicion

The life span is very different in the Sims it seems. Maria’s father Martin is still a young adult.

Anna is very sad from Kengo’s passing too, but the collection of eggs looks good on the shelves in the kids’ room.

The day after Easter is a very lonely day in comparison, but it gives Anna time to work on her garden. She even reaches level 10 in gardening.

Kent and Kenneth come home with A grades and we prepare for a party and the fact that we will not have any more children in this house for a while.

Kent grows up to a cool looking dude with an LTW to be a Freelance Botanist like his mother, and a hatred for children. Let’s see if we can keep him in the house

Kenneth looks like a mama’s boy, wants to be a bestselling author and becomes a genius. Maybe we will finally be able to tell them apart

Maria comes home promoted to dance troup captain

Double cooking! Kent and Anna seem to have very different points of view whether it’s hot or cold.

It’s the lottery!

And after spending our last money on two lottery tickets, one for Anna and one for Maria, we are really broke. It’s not the reason Anna is sad though, she still mourns Kengo.

Coming home from school, the kids are all stinky, but Thor and Thea have A grades.

Thyra however goes out to advance her scouting skills.

Back home she’s promoted to Pegasus scout.

Thursday, when all the kids are in school, Anna falls to her knees in the dining room.

At least her club, including her daughter Magda are here to see her off when she dies on Thursday week 56.

Oops, in the commotion we forgot Thor’s birthday. He grows up unattended to Goofball.

And we are looking forward to an entertainment career for him, with focus on music.

Thea at least gets a cake and grows up to be good. She gets a job in athletics, which we don’t have a picture of.

Thyra feels bad for Thor and gives him a present.

Maria spends some time with her grandparents Jaana and Andreas.

Suddenly love day is upon us and Thea tries to flirt with a random visitor. He doesn’t appreciate it much.

Thor spends the day practicing his guitar skill

Maria invites over her forever young father and complains about her lack of love life. Sorry, that's the way it is with older siblings in a 100 baby challege!

Thyra eats a frittata made by Anna

Even Thyra has a failed love day, but she’s only a teen. Next year, when she’s an active baby mama, it will be fine.

Valborg is the next event. The teens decide to do it the scouting way

They travel to a remote area and lights a fire and dance and sing together.

The dancing is more for the keep fit badge, while singing is the tradition. But what about fireworks?

There are none to buy in buy mode

And none at the festival grounds, since there is no festival going. For next year we need to stock up when the right festival is around!

But the holiday is pretty good anyway when Kent gets to meet his mother in the garden. 48 babies to go.

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