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100 Baby Challenge - Week 55, Serious Scouting

Last time, Anna failed to become pregnant by a ghost, and discovered her husband-to-be was already married. Kent and Kenneth grew up to Creative and Good children. Anna grew up to elder. Thor and Thea grew up to Genius and Foodie teens, leaving Thyra behind to be the heir. We celebrated Harvest fest and Alla Helgon.

Week 55 starts with Anna Nyberg, elder, her three daughters and three sons. The children are three teens and three children. Anna will obviously not have any more babies. Total baby count is 52.

Now when we are not having babies for a while, we get rid of the leyline trait for the lot and replace it with the Science trait. It’s probably good for something.

What we plan to do this week is to work on all six kids’ scout badges. It will for sure take some effort, but Kent and Kenneth are well on the way to their academic excellence badge.

Whoa!! Anna happily bought some stuff on Sale Day, as soon as the day started at 6am. At 10 am the bills were delivered. 20.960 simoleons!! And we have 2.263. And 48 hours to pay. In the freezing winter of Willow Creek. Not the best timing, really.

So we start selling. Everything in our inventory, which is not so much, and everything we can spare in the house, until we have enough.

Thyra comes home an A student and we see that the couch and the paintings on the landing are gone.

All furniture in the downstairs hallway is gone too, but Thyra needs a cake!

She grows up to a Goofball Mansion Baron

She keeps her short hair and acquire a colourful style. She’s got beautiful slanted dark brown eyes. She must have inherited them from her father.

This girl goes all in on a goofy colourful style. This green one is only for parties though.

The winter is a terrible time for an aspiring Freelance Botanist. Totally wasted period. If we had the money we would build a greenhouse, but there’s no chance of that at the moment.

At least she finds a bunch of onions when roaming the neighbourhood

Then home for a lonely lunch. The house is even clean nowadays. And stripped of all decorations. Damn bills!

Apparently there are TV shows airing even during daytime. Anna had no idea!

When Kent and Kenneth are back from school, they get promoted to Griffon scouts

Thor works on his social badge with his great grandmother Maria on winter fest morning.

Yay, we’ll get presents!

Maria gets promoted to Pegasus scout on winter fest morning

Anna gets the stomach flu. Luckily there’s medicin. But we need to sell some stuff again to be able to serve the grand meal!

All Anna’s children are invited to the grand meal, and they all show up in their nice clothes

All of a sudden Maria is an A student! Apparently we get school progress even on days off.

Anna has managed to get a tree for the holidays despite the extremely low funds this house has.

Kent and Kenneth decorate the tree while Thor crashes on the floor. That’s what happens when you talk to ghosts instead of sleeping at night!

And it’s time to light the tree. It looks fabulous, if not fully decorated.

Game night while waiting for Kung Bore

And here he is! Why not play with him too?!

More presents! Everybody gets great presents except Thyra who gets  a future cube. She hates it!

In the middle of it all, Maria grows up to a Non-committal young adult. That’s fine, it doesn’t matter in this story. Wouldn’t have mattered even if she was the heir.

She accepts a job in athletics. Then we realize that we forgot that the plan was to top the scouts career. Well, too late for that now.

The ones who didn’t have the luck to get presents from Kung Bore get family presents at 1.23 am. This winter is as bad or worse compared to the last. Horrible, we cannot even go outside!

Now, back to scouting. With this many siblings it’s remarkable that the kids don’t automatically get the social badge

Civic responsibility seems to be easier!


Yay, badge! And Kent is now a Unicorn scout

Kenneth gets a badge!

Thea is a bodybuilder sim and to get her fitness up and at the same time earning her Keep Fit badge we send her on a morning jog. But with this terrible winter (hate winter in Willow Creek!), she hasn’t even left the lot before she’s chilled!

So it’s back to the gym

Anna’s garden is frozen solid, so she cannot do anything either, except sprinkle some fertilizer on top of the snow.

Thea is an A student, but we will not grow her up yet. There’s no rush since we don’t need more room in the house, and we have heard that completing the scout career is beneficial in the future, so let’s work on that.

Thyra! Are you trying to kill yourself?! Or are you trying to tell us that you love winter? It’s still freezing outside and she’s in shorts and a tanktop

Thor met a girl from school to talk to.

Thyra doesn’t mind a freezing jog.

Then she donates her hated future cube to charity and gets a point toward the charity badge

New Year’s Eve, Kenneth gets his Civic responsibility badge and gets promoted to Unicorn scout.

Anna makes a New Year’s resolution to lose weight this year.

All the kids have been to a scout meeting and got the inspiration to make a resolution to be promoted in the scouts.

Maria wants a promotion too, but in her career

The twins are so cute in their scout uniforms! They are totally impossible to tell apart.

Thea gets a badge!


For the first time in seven days the temperature is only cold, not freezing! Anna is wild with joy!



Finally we can do some outdoor activities, since it’s officially spring

But maybe it was a bit too early to be outside without a coat. Kent gets a fever.

Anna can finally work in her garden again

And we end this update with Anna, working on her new year’s resolution with a late night jog. 48 babies to go.

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