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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 9, The End

The pregnant Kate has one mechanical point,

one more than Hurley, so she’s the one who has to take care of fixing the shower.

And Hurley, too, gets demoted due to a bad chance card

Pop! Kate looks like she got pierced by the darts.

Hurley pops the question to Kate, and she accepts.


Day 20 – Saturday

Hurley is taking advantage of his good mood and makes some art before leaving for work.

Kate’s time has come, but something seems to be wrong…

The labour takes a very long time, maybe the baby comes with it’s butt first?

At last, a little baby girl is born. The happy parents give her the name Hope, in hope for a quick rescue from this island. It will not be easy to continue here with a baby!




Day 21- Sunday

6 AM – The Others are taking their last captive, and it’s Hurley. Kate succeeded in getting even higher score the last few days, despite her difficult labour.

This is how the island looks like after three weeks, fully possible to live in. We didn’t succeed to buy all the stuff on the list, due to the scarce availiabilty of work the first week, so no 5 p bonus for that.




The Score

36.000 aspiration points – 3,6 points

Bronze gardening – 1 p

Silver fishing – 2 p

24.000 aspiration points – 2,4 p

Bronze gardening – 1 p

Silver fishing – 2 p

Locke - 15.250 aspiration points – 1,5 p

Bronze Gardening – 1 p

Silver Fishing – 2 p

Sayid 17.500 aspiration points – 1,75 p

Bronze Gardening – 1p

Silver Fishing – 2p

Jack – 8.000 aspiration points – 0,8 p

Silver Fishing – 2 p

Plaque Nature – 1 p

Charlie – 7.000 aspiration points – 0,7 p

Silver Fishing – 2 p

Plaque for nature – 1 p


Sawyer – 500 aspiration points – 0,05 p

Bronze Fishing – 1 p

Sun – 1.500 aspiration points – 0,15 p

No badges or others.



Total points for j68:

109.750 aspiration points – rounds up to 11 p

5 Bronze badges – 5 p

6 Silver badges – 12 p

0 Gold badges – 0 p

2 Plaques – 2 p

0 maxed skills – 0 p

0 buying every item – 0 p

0 Top of Career – 0 p

0 Lifetime want – 0 p

1 Desmond bonus (Charlie saved Lockes life) – 20 p

0 Cast death - -0 p

0 Visitor’s death - -0 p


A fantastic score of 50 p! *hahah* Well, everyone survived, and we got a new baby – Hope.

This was a fun challenge, which is completed in quite a short while. It is also terribly agonizing. If you’re trying it out, make sure your pond is sizeable enough and accessible from all sides. Another tip is to use a lot that doesn’t have so much hills as mine had.


Good luck to other survivors, and thank you Rachel for inventing this challenge.



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Dec. 28th, 2008 08:00 pm (UTC)
So Kate's the winner, I'm not surprised! She's a survivor, after all. I was so afraid she was going to miscarry, I know you have that option in your game and it always freaks me out! LOL Isn't 50 points an ok score? Eh, better than none! I am definitely gonna have to try this, it really looks like fun.
Jan. 3rd, 2009 02:50 pm (UTC)
She did go through with the birth, I was scared myself, it started normally at the expected time, but then nearly went wrong.

About the score - I believe Rachel herself had over 200 :)
but it all depends on if the "correct" jobs are available I guess. Maybe I'll try it again with the same lot, maybe not, I've got several new projects running, along with the Mattsmyra Prosperity :)
Apr. 4th, 2010 12:12 am (UTC)
I figured it would be Kate, but she managed to survive the challenge, getting taken and rescued and the baby.
Apr. 4th, 2010 02:01 pm (UTC)
I made all the characters townies in Jinja, and they show up sometimes in my ISBI challenge :)
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