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100 Baby Challenge - Week 54, Bad Romance

Last time Anna’s oldest son Johan grew up to an adult and had a lame birthday party. Kent and Kenneth were born. Gurli almost died from heat stroke. Midsummer celebrations went down the drain. Thyra, Thor and Thea grew up to  Slob, Music Lover and Genius children. Kent and Kenneth grew up to Wild and Independent toddlers. Maria grew up to a Goofball Bodybuilder teen and Gurli to a Geek young adult.

Week 54 starts with Anna Nyberg, adult, her three daughters and three sons. The kids are one teen, three children and two toddlers. Anna is not pregnant.

We start off this autumn week with Anna reaching level 7 in gourmet cooking, accompanied by the cleaning ghost Jonas.

Kent and Kenneth are very angry little boys, and always hungry

Maria claims a scout badge straight out of the shower. You could have dressed you know!

Thor is working towards, and earns the civic responsibility badge. It’s easy in this house, since there is always so much washing up to do.

At some point Anna needs to plant a cow plant to finish her aspiration. It is heard that berries for the cow  plant can be found while fishing. No luck today, though!

By chance Thyra finds a rare mineral just outside the door. How long has it been there?

Harvest fest! The kids love it that they can appease gnomes in the comfort of their own home!

The angry toddler crashes in the high chair

The rest of the family is enjoying their grand dinner

Now, what about a ghost baby?

But no, the only option is to woohoo, no try for baby. So Anna decides to ask Robert to only be friends, to ba able to persue Kengo instead.

And as if he heard us, he’s calling Anna to invite her for a date!

Hi Kengo, how are you? Let’s have a cupcake, but I would like to ask you something…

It’s not possible for Anna to ask Kengo to marry her, because he’s already married!! We had no idea!

She’s got the option to ask him to leave his wife, but either it never queues up, or he says no, the game doesn’t really tell.

And even though the date progresses fine, the option doesn’t come back

Probably we will just settle without him then. We have enough people in the house!

Bye Kengo, hello my nephew Daniel, how are you?

It has been a while, but now it’s time for birthdays again. Kent, Kenneth and as a matter of fact, even Anna herself!

Kent grows up angry as ever and becomes a Creative Artistic Prodigy

Kengo has as we see grown up to elder since yesterday. He helps Kenneth with the candles.

Kenneth is very angry too and grows up to be a Good Rambunctious Scamp

Wow! Anna is an elder, and a babyfree life will ensue for some time until the next heir is old enough to start her journey.

Thor and Thea come home A students.

Thor becomes a Genius Party Animal. We will probably pursue a musical career for him.

He’s got a very unfortunate build… He could for sure benefit from some physical activity!

Thea gets the LTW Thor could have needed. She a Foodie Bodybuilder.

And her build looks more normal

Thyra is still a B student, and by that it is finally determined that Thyra will be the heir, our generation 5 baby momma

Next on the agenda is Alla Helgon, the remembrance holiday we have on the last day of autumn. The whole family attends the ceremony

Candles are lit,

The thankful spirit is shared

It’s a nice holiday. For next year we’ll add remembrance to the traditions, then it will be complete.

Gurli invites Maria to come to the karaoke bar with her.

They have a great time

Meanwhile at home, we have started working for real on Thyra’s aspiration as a Whiz kid, so Anna reads to her, and her brothers. They can benefit from the company.

Maria and Thea who are bodybuilders drag Thor to the gym. He really needs it.

And we end this update with Thyra, reaching a milestone in her child aspiration. 48 babies to go!

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