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100 Baby Challenge - Week 53, Dating a Ghost

Last time, Thea and Thyra grew up to flax blond Inquisitive toddlers while Thor glitched and eventually ended up Fussy. Gunnar grew up to a Dance Machine and moved out. Anna dated Darth Vader aka Kengo Maeda and eventually got pregnant by him when j68 finally realized that the toddlers couldn’t be present when doing the deed. We celebrated Easter, Love Day, Valborg and Mischief day.

Week 53 starts with Anna Nyberg, adult, her four daughters and one son. The kids are one teen, one child and three toddlers. Anna is pregnant by Kengo Maeda and expects her 12th child.

We start off this week as we often do, with active ghosts and dirty sims, and half the family up in the middle of the night.

Wonder how Linnea got enrolled in the gamer club? She died long before the Get Together game pack.

Anna still fights to get her triplets to learn some things before they grow up, but it’s not easy when heavily pregnant.

Anna’s oldest son Johan invites her to his birthday party. Baby making days over for you then Anna, according to our own rules. No babies after the oldest child has become an adult!

“Happy birthday, my dear son!”

Helge, Magda and Maja are here as well as Daniel, their cousin.

Birthday parties at other sims’ houses are really lame. All of a sudden they just grow up.

And they sit around doing nothing.

This time at least there’s cake! Anna is so pregnant that her skirt protrudes through the table.

Still at the party we get the very sad news that Roland died. Anna’s last brother!

It’s sad to see that all her brothers and sisters are gone. And her oldest son is an adult!

And the birthday party turns into a funeral.

Aunt Anna does what she can to support Roland’s triplets who are now orphans.

In the middle of it all, Hector calls Gurli to come light some fireworks at the Humour festival. Inappropriate, Hector, we are having a funeral here!

It’s a short ceremony at the church and then Anna invites everybody for a reception at her house

During the reception labour starts! And nobody did the dishes.

The leyline is active

On Tuesday morning at 03.40 am, twin boys are born. They get the names Kent and Kenneth.

Grandma Jaana helps out with the babies.

Maria is happy to have new brothers

And Anna finally gets the energy to do some cleaning.

Thea (or Thyra) are still the heirs.

And Kengo is happy to meet his sons.

Gurli is unwell! She risks to burn up, don’t know why. She must have been outside for too long in the hot weather!

Who lit the fireplace in the middle of a heat wave?! No wonder she was hot in the living room. We also change her into her hot weather wear.

And make her take a cold shower.

Maria is fine, working on her art.

Her father Martin breaks the doll house! But since he’s part of the fixing club he’s mending it shortly after.

Midsummer! We have now completed one full year of Seasons – we started in the summer with Midsummer when the pack was released – at Midsummer time IRL J

Anna chooses decorations

It doesn’t look so good. Would have liked more blue and yellow combinations. The weather looks traditional… And the mood is to match.

The forecast says thunder storms all day. We also see that we got a new holiday on Friday – A night on the town

A barbeque in the pouring rain is exactly what everybody wants

At least Gurli has some fun with her flirt Reiko

Then she makes sure that her triplet siblings get to blow out their candles.

Thyra grows up to a Slobby Whiz Kid

Thor becomes a Music Lover Whiz Kid

And Thea becomes a Genius Artistic Prodigy. All of a sudden we have four children in the house!

Anna complains to her great-grandmother Linnea about the failed Midsummer celebrations.

Then Kengo calls to invite her for a date to cheer her up. She says yes.

It’s just a short date, since it’s time for the twins’ birthday as well

Kenneth grows up to be Independent and Kent to be Wild.

They are identically brown-haired and j68 is sooo happy that they are boys! We will have a blond generation 5 baby mama!

But for now, the triplets are all working towards their child LTWs

Then Maria comes home from school an A student and it’s time for ANOTHER birthday.

She grows up to be a Goofball Bodybuilder. That’s a first!

Anna celebrates by taking a picture with her last baby daddy Kengo. Luckily she took more than one, since most were failed.

Just wanted to show you all what mayhem we have every time we have a gathering in this house. But it’s a warm and loving environment.

Anna is still keeping up her garden work, and we see that we have a random holiday called “Night on the town” with free food and drinks. We should take advantage of that!

That’s not for the toddlers though, so some cooking is still necessary.

Seems it’s not really suitable for the kids either. They are totally exhausted!

Anna takes advantage of the offer though, but back home she’s approached by Robert the ghost, and we get an idea. Is it possible to have a baby with a ghost?? IF it works, we will make an exception from the normal rule to not have babies when the oldest is an adult.

They play cards and exchange phone numbers, and they get a bit flirty.

And he’s quick to use her number to invite her to a date.

It’s a steamy date, they even make out in the closet!

But then it’s time to make room in the house… eeh, have another birthday

Gurli grows up to a Geek young adult.

She’s moved out to live with her twin who is about ten years older than her by now.

And we end this week with our Whiz Kid scouts, working on their logic skill. 48 babies to go!

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