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100 Baby Challenge - Week 52, Dating Darth Vader

Last time, Maja grew up to a Good young adult and moved out. We had an enormous birthday fire when Magda and Hector grew up to Neat and Goofball young adults. We celebrated Winterfest and New Year’s Eve to everybody’s satisfaction. Gurli grew up to a Goofball teen and joined the Cosplay club. Maria grew up to a Genius child and joined the scouts and the triplets Thea, Thyra and Thor were born.

Week 52 starts with Anna Nyberg, adult, her two sons and four daughters. The kids are two teens, one child and three babies. Anna is not pregnant.

Our only child is terribly neglected. This week looks to be a tough one.

But the teens and the ghosts are happy, so maybe we’ll be fine with our baby triplets.

Easter is here and Gunnar and Maria are hunting in the garden. The decorations on the fence and on the foundation don’t match, but since Anna is a bit of a bohemian she doesn’t care. (And j68 didn’t otice during gameplay, just now when blogging)

Easter is the second largest eating holiday in Sweden, and since we have a Sweden inspired Sims game, we combine the Easter traditions with a dinner party. It’s not possible to do a scored party  during a holiday, but since no one counts party scores in this house anymore (after Jaana) it doesn’t matter. The main thing is to be together with friends and family and have a grand meal!

Typical Easter weather – pretty sunny but still cold! Coats and shades are worn when the grand fish dinner is gobbled down.

Gurli missed the morning egg hunt and works to complete it before she faints.

Anna is very playful after the Easter celebrations, but it doesn’t really add up with the news that the triplets’ father Thomas died.

Anna’s oldest son Johan invites his mother to NerdCon
“Yay, let’s do some programming!”

Anna fulfills her New Year’s resolution by reaching level 2 in programming. The resolution was supposed to be for gardening, but never mind

Maybe we’ll have time for another (set of) baby(ies) before Johan is too old. Just seizing the opportunity to flirt a little

Back home Gunnar is an A student. Time for a party! But first…

Thea and Thyra grows up to toddlers and they are both Inquisitive

And they are blond! And identical. The twins have been pretty identical this generation. Is it a game update that makes them like that, or is it an incredible coincidence?

Thor grew up without help to get out of the cradle. He was in such a hurry that we never got the question about his trait. He’s blond too, but have different hair. Later he also aqciured the trait of Fussy, though the initial random trait was supposed to be Silly. Well, we'll have to live with it.

Then it’s Gunnar’s turn. He grows up to be a Geeky Mean Dance machine. Interesting combination!

However, we will not explore that, but moves him out immediately to live with his cousin Annika and her mother.

Helge calls to invite his mother to the opera. She says yes for once, even though she hates opera.

Since Thea and Thyra are our current heirs, Anna tries to spend some time with them and add on to their skills. They even have identical pyjamas.

Then we get information that Jonas Persson, Johan’s father died. Anna is already sad from at least two other recent deaths, so we don’t need this!

Anna met this redheaded guy called Kengo at Geek Con and invites him over. He’s also a cosplayer.

And a potential baby daddy!

The reason we know Kengo is in the Cosplayer club is because Gurli is a member too. When she gets a call for a club gathering, Anna tags along.

And here’s Kengo in his Darth Vader suit and Anna in her dressing gown.

She brought her normal clothes luckily, and gives Darth a present

He loves his seed pack!

She follows up with a rose

That’s enough for one day. Anna heads home to take care of the garden.

Maria becomes a Griffon scout and works towards her creativity badge.

On love day Anna invites Kengo to her house on a proper date. The house is properly decorated and the encounter is steamy.

It’s very romantic and completes all Anna’s loveday wishes.

But the big wish to try for a baby, they refuse. J68 is puzzled

Their relationship is high and the option is there, but they just won’t do it.

Johan congratulates his mother on her new boyfriend. Yes, we even asked him to be boyfriend, but no try for baby.

Finally, after the umptieth try to get Anna and Kengo to try for a baby, j68 finally gets what is wrong – Anna had a thought bubble with a crossed out toddler, and of course, she doesn’t want to woohoo in front of them!  And since they are three, there is always one around. Especially since there is a toddler bed in her bedroom!

Good toddlers, stay there!

Yay, pregnant!

In the cold and rainy spring we see that there’s room for twins in the house, and we hope for a couple of redheads.

Our faithful ghost Robert is doing the dishes, but it seems it winds him up – he’s all red from anger

Anna tends the garden with her bohemian rubber duck umbrella

On Valborg, Gurli becomes a unicorn scout and looks forward to the fireworks

Anna lights the bonfire and Gurli and Maria enjoys singing and dancing around it.

Yay, fireworks!

Valborg is hardly over before it’s time for the next holiday – Mischief day. It’s a random holiday generated by the game. Gurli loves it since she’s a Goofball.

It’s also the first day of summer, and we see the forecast for Midsummer’s eve on Wednesday is rain and thunder. Classical weather for that holiday!

Gurli has met a cute girl in school. Now she invites her over and tries to flirt with her.

It works perfectly!

And then they are goofing around, celebrating Mischief day

Then Kengo invites Anna for a date. Sure!

They have a great time and Kengo is thrilled to become a father

Back home, Gurli tries to teach her little brother some skills. Probably it helps towards some scout badges too.

We end this update with Anna, who is pregnant in the second trimester with what is probably her last baby(ies). 50 babies to go!

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