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100 Baby Challenge - Week 51, Celebrations and Achievements

Last time, Johan grew up to an Active young adult and moved out. Helge grew up to a Genius teen, ahead of his three older siblings. Hector grew up to an Outdoorsy teen. The family celebrated harvest fest with a premature party. Maria was born and grew up to a Clingy toddler. Helge grew fast and became an Erratic young adult and moved out. Gunnar grew up to  a Mean teen. The family celebrated Alla Helgon in combination with Kjerstin’s passing. Anna initiated a romance with Thomas Lindström.

Week 51 starts with Anna Nyberg, adult, her four daughters and two sons. The kids are four teens, one child and one toddler. Anna is not pregnant.

Maja is very happy with Skill Day and celebrates by doing her homework

Anna continues her romance with Thomas Lindström. We will wait for more slots in the house before we try for a baby though, so we have room for multiples.

The bills are ridiculous! The heating must be very expensive. Wish we could invest in better insulation of the house.

Maja is an A student and it’s time for a party!

She grows up to be Good in addition to being a Self-assured Goofball. She is moved out to live with her brothers and their cousin

The winter is extremely cold but we have sun snow, which is pretty cool. Anna doesn’t like it though. She wants some fun

Luckily it’s time to prepare for winter fest. The thermostat on the wall is glowing red to keep up with heating the big house

Then Magda and Hector are A students and it’s time for another party.

Hector wants a winter barbecue but starts a fire instead

The fire is raging between 8 pm and 11 pm and the party is ruined. Magda and Hector are heroically working to extinguish the fire and eventually succeeds.

Magda is finally ready for her cake and grows up to a Neat young adult.

Hector grows up to be a Goofball too.

And they are both moved out to live with the siblings and cousin

Then it’s winter fest morning and Gurli looks forward to the presents. She has a piece of cake for breakfast.

The lights are lit and shine lovely on the tree decorated with cranberries and popcorn

Anna prepares the grand meal of ham and it turns out to be excellent

Gunnar helps out by giving Maria her winterfest bath

Gurli finds that she completed her badge for community services. She has helped out with cleaning enough to deserve it.

Then she spends time on her creativity skill to pass time until Kung Bore comes and to work towards the arts and crafts badge.

She’s promoted to Griffin scout and gets a scout’s handbook.

Time to open presents. J68 gets worried by the black square on Anna’s portrait. Hopefully it’s only a visual glitch and not a sign of game corruption.

Here is Kung Bore!

Maria is very tired, but she wants her presents!

She gets a fluffy garden gnome and loves it

Gurli gets a piece of coal. She didn’t deserve that!

She’s happy anyway since she gets the chance to talk to Kung Bore.

And he gives her another present

By some reason Maria doesn’t think she has met Kung Bore, even though we saw her talking to him. At least she gets a plate of the ham before bedtime.

After winterfest, Thomas asks Anna for a date. With all the room we have in the house now it’s time to go for it, so she accepts.

It’s a very successful date

And Anna is pregnant! Hope it’s twins!

Thomas is happy to hear the news

And since the family still have presents left they are opening them despite winterfest being over.

Gurli has finalized her badge for academic talent. Hopefully she’ll be an A student soon. Her twin brother has been a teen for days already.

Yes, as soon as she’s back from school she has an A

Here we go!

She grows up to a Goofball who wants to be Leader of the Pack

And now she’s the same age as her twin again.

We’re happy to find that teens are still scouts, but unfortunately they cannot join, so if you want a teen scout they need to sign up when they’re children.

The celebrations come one after another. It’s New Year’s Eve and Anna finds some time to train Maria

Since Gurli wants to be Leader of the Pack she needs to join a club. And since she’s a Genius Goofball, the Cosplay club seems to fit her perfectly.

She goes for a gathering with the club, but she’s sad. We just had word that out favourite aunt Nicole died.

Anna goes visiting her nephews Björn and Patrik to console them and to share their loss.

They make a toast for Nicole. It’s New Year’s Eve after all.

And a funeral is arranged

Time for New Year resolutions; Gunnar promises to be a better student, Gurli to finalize an aspiration milestone and Anna to improve a skill.

They all follow the countdown on TV

But for Gurli it doesn’t count. Her and Anna end up watching the late night movie after midnight

After all the holidays Anna finds some time again to train Maria

And it’s just in time for her birthday

Just as Anna starts making the cake, labour starts. But as we know, birth takes hours, so she makes the cake anyway.

Maria’s father Martin helps her with the candles.

She grows up to be a Genius Artistic Prodigy

And we hurry to sign her up for the scouts before we forget, because here’s the baby!

Make that babIES – triplets! Two girls and a boy. They are born on Sunday at 2.43 pm and get the names Thea, Thyra and Thor. We’ll see which one of them will be the heir, unless we have more girls later.

And we end this update with a stunned Anna and the triplet achievement. This will be fun…

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