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100 Baby Challenge - Week 50, Girls Outgrown

Last time, the family moved to Willow Creek. We celebrated midsummer and picked out clothes for hot and cold weather. Anna started to research her plants. Maja and Magda grew up to Party Animal and Angling Ace teens respectively, while Gunnar and Gurli grew up to Geek and Genius children.

Week 50 starts with Anna Nyberg, adult, her four sons and three daughters. Anna is not pregnant since the house is full. The kids are three teens and four children.

After spending the night outside raking leaves, Anna is uncomfortably wet and relaxes by playing cards with her dead father.

In the morning after the active ghosts have wrecked havoc, the fixing club is brought in to fix stuff. The ghosts even help with mopping.

Sometimes we have harmonious children. Gunnar explores the new autumn crafts.

It’s Johan’s birthday due to age

Then Roland calls: “Let’s go to the opera!” “Sorry Roland, you know I hate opera. Besides, Johan has his birthday, I wish you would come here instead.”

Anna is happy with her finds during sale day and wishes to donate too. The organization “United World” gets her money. Anna is a Good sim and wants everybody to get along.

Then we learn that Gurli and Gunnar’s father died. They will be miserable for the next few days, meaning half the autumn.

The weather is equally miserable, but Johan has an A on his last day in school

Wow, Helge has an A too! He is only child no 5 and has overtaken Maja, Magda and Hector, his twin. Good job Helge!

Anna in her autumn outfit makes the cake.

Johan goes first and grows up to be Active on top of Loner and Squeamish. Maybe he should become a marathon runner. That’s a lonely sport. Guess that would be in his spare time though since his main LTW is to become a Master Chef.

Helge is happy but uncomfortable while blowing out his candles.

He grows up to wish to be a Master Chef too. He also acquires the trait Genius. And he's got a stuffy nose from having a cold. That's why he's uncomforable.

Johan is moved out to live with aunt Kjerstin and cousin Daniel.

Now we finally have one slot open in the house, and one baby daddy lined up. Martin is a Mean Vegetarian Goofball. This will be interesting.

We move fast

And Anna is pregnant for the first time in weeks! There will be only one of course, but if we could get rid of the older girls before it’s time for birth, maybe that could change?

Time to spend some time in the garden while waiting for the baby. Anna bought a pomegranate tree which she plants in the miserable pouring rain. It’s like a monsoon!

Magda who’s trying to be an angling ace suffers from the wet and cold weather

But inside it’s cosy. Helge cooked dinner/breakfast and all the kids are here. It’s so cute, j68 loves family dinners!

Then dead grandmother Maria calls to invite Anna to NerdCon. Of course we’ll go!

At NerdCon it luckily doesn’t rain, and Anna has a great time working on the rocket, despite her never having done anything like that before.

She also gets a quick lunch from the food stalls before heading home.

Back home we find that the rain has not stopped, but Hector is an A student. Time for another party!

He didn’t have time to shower before the event

He grows up with an insane hairdo, an LTW of becoming a Painter extraordinaire and the Loves the Outdoors trait.

Wednesday it only rains a little bit and Anna can take care of her garden without being too miserable

Thursday there’s more rain predicted but also the harvest fest.

We also plan for a dinner party to celebrate the harvest fest.

What we find though is that even though we put a time to the party, it started immediately, in the middle of the night. It must be a glitch!

They have a nice time, but it doesn’t count towards the goals for harvest fest.

When the harvest fest starts, the family is left alone with the dirty dishes.

The house looks nice though.

We have gnomes in the house. Anna loves the tradition with gnomes since she’s a goofball. She also loves the thankful spirit of the holiday since she’s good.

Hugs and love for all!

We need a grand meal too. Gurli helps out by cleaning

The family is invited back for a fish dinner. Probably should have been turkey, but who cares! We had fish in the fridge after all.

Anna calls everyone to the meal with a bell.

Everybody sits down to the meal, and the damn rain never stops.

As soon as the dinner finishes, Anna goes into labour!

And at 01.25 am on Friday week 50, our new heir Maria (II) is born, 16 days after Gurli and Gunnar. That’s a big gap. Anna is wild with joy!

When the older kids are in school we try to get Anna a leaf pile to play in since she wishes for it. It still rains.

In the end of autumn in Sweden we celebrate All saints with visiting our ancestors’ graves and lighting candles. Many people are also attending ceremonies in church. It is a holiday of remembrance and serenity. We plan for that on Saturday.

But first we have more birthdays. Helge is an A student again!

And so is Gunnar. The boys are really outgrowing their sisters!

Helge grows up to be Erratic

Then it’s Gunnar’s turn.

He grows up to be a Mean Renaissance sim.

Anna uses the party to end things with Martin.

Helge is moved out to live with aunt Kjerstin, cousin Daniel and brother Johan.

He has not more than left before we get a call that Kjerstin died, right on the edge of All Saints celebration.

Then we find that Anna FINALLY has more than 4000 aspiration points

And we can get her the rarely sleepy trait!

We celebrate that, and the fact that it finally stopped raining, with a game of chess with mother Jaana.

Magda loves the thankful spirit of Alla Helgon  since she’s good.

The family gathers to light candles together in remembrance of those lost.

Then they go to Kjerstin’s house to pick up the urn and console Daniel.

At the church it is not possible to put candles on the graves, which would have been nice, but at least they can all get a good cry.

And they can all participate in the holiday ceremony.

Back home after a successful holiday, it’s time to think about the next baby daddy. Thomas Lindström is next in line.

However, we will take it a little easy with him. Since we want room for multiples, we want the big girls out of the house before making the next try.

That night the first snow comes and Anna loves it! On the other hand, if it will snow as much as it rained during autumn, we will go crazy!

Then Maria grows up to a Clingy toddler. Just what we need! Bur she's blond like her father so we forgive her.

On Sunday we have a skill boost day

Gurli loves it since she’s a Genius.

Then we suddenly remember that it was our intention to put all kids in the scouts, but since Gurli is the only kid on the lot she’s  the only one joining.

We see that she already has some progress on her Community Responsibility badge, which you apparently get from cleaning and fixing stuff.

Look at her all cute with her uniform and skill board!

And we end this week with the discovery that Maria is cold from low temperature! Didn’t know that could happen indoors, but on the other hand, there is an option on the thermostat to turn up the heat, so that we do. 53 babies to go!

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