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100 Baby Challenge - Week 49, Midsummer

Last time, Johan grew up to a Loner teen. Hector and Helge grew up to Good Goofball children. Gurli and Gunnar were born and grew up to Charmer Inquisitive toddlers. Anna collected urns and brought them to the graveyard at the church. She arranged club gatherings and went to a nightclub.

Week 49 starts with Anna Nyberg, young adult, her four sons and three daughters. Anna is not pregnant since the house is full. The children are one teen, four children and two toddlers. Seasons has been installed in the 100 baby challenge world!

We start with a look at the new calendar and see that Maja and Magda have their birthday on Thursday. We can also see that there (of course) is a heatwave in Oasis Springs. To get more unpredictable weather, we will now move!

The family is moved back to Willow Creek, where Linnea started out four generations ago, but in a bigger house

Anna is sad, since someone died recently. With all the siblings and lovers we have here, we predict a lot of sadness in the future. We can also see that on the second day of summer we have cool weather. Sounds like it could be Sweden.

The house feels smaller than the one we had in Oasis Springs, but of a more classical layout. There is room for all the  furniture, but we have one less bathroom than we had there.

One advantage is that the big dining table fits indoors, which it didn’t in the other house. And in this location we will not be able to have our dinners outside all year around.

We have new options for cooking. It is now possible to cook a grand meal. You can choose from breakfast, ham dinner, fish dinner or turkey dinner and there is also a vegetarian variety of the turkey. Since Anna has grown a lot of vegetables, the meals are cheaper.

Johan is an aspiring Master Chef and cooks the first meal in the new house on the barbecue. It’s summer after all!

The layout of the kitchen/dining room is not the best for the furniture we have. Maybe we’ll do something about it at some point. Either rebuild the house or buy new furniture. Right now we had to put some kitchen/dining things in the hallway

In the new house the bed monsters become active again. Maja and Magda are terrified!

So Johan gives them burgers while he eats something else himself.

In seasons you can invent your own holidays, and during summer there has to be a midsummer celebration. Midsummer in Sweden is celebrated with pickled herring (sill) and spiced spirits (snaps), so we add party mood and drinks. It’s common to have a party and invite over your friends, so invitation of friends is added. It’s a very old heathen celebration of fertility, so we also add some romance to the mix.

We put it on Wednesday since in the middle of the summer, even though the real midsummer is at the summer solstice around June 21st, and always on a Friday. Apparently the weather predicted in Willow Creek is a heatwave, which is not so realistic. Usually it’s pretty cold and rainy when everybody is supposed to be outside J

Uh-oh! Child neglect! OMG, eat the food in your inventory Gurli, and stop wandering around the whole lot!

There are new clothing options for hot and cold weather and we pick out new clothes for all.

Roland invites Anna to a show. OK, we’ll go!

But first, some gardening. There are new labels for the plants and they tell you which season the different plants have. Anna is doing some research on her plants.

The notes are saved in her phone. She has found that blackberries grow on a dense bush, that it’s rare and that the season for berries is summer.

The play Roland took Anna to is the same horrible play she already saw before, about the redheaded pigeon Snuffy. Anna hates it as much this time as the last.

The ghosts are still very helpful with the washing up.

And the fixing club is handy to call in during the morning hours to fix everything that the ghosts broke.

Anna gets a call that her brother Gustav died, so now she’s very sad again.

She goes to his house where also sister Kjerstin and the kids’ cousin Daniel live to pick up Gustav’s urn.

Unfortunately it seems that Gustav didn’t die on this lot, since his urn or tombstone are not here. Anna picks up the stone of Kjerstin’s husband instead.

Then she invites all her remaining siblings to pick up more stones in the park. The grim reaper randomly shows up too. It’s hot weather in the park so Anna wear her hot weather dress, which she put on autonomously.

We were pretty sure that Anna’s oldest brother Markus died in this park, but cannot find his stone. Instead we find the stone for Bertil, who is her uncle.

Anna joined a new club called the Punchliners and goes with them to the nightclub

Her fellow club member is not so good, but it is a nice gathering anyway

Back home Anna maxes her cooking skill, an inevitable side effect of being a 100 baby challenge mother.

Then it’s time to celebrate Midsommar! It’s not so easy though since everybody is so sad from the death of Gustav.

Helge fulfills his holiday celebrations by inviting his father over. Apparently he is too young for the other activities

Anna still works on hers, but she crashes after one drink. That happens too at Midsommar sometimes :D

But after her recovery she can finalize the holiday activities as intended.

The toddlers are still here, though mostly neglected.

The day after Midsommar it’s Maja and Magda’s birthday!

Maja goes first.

She keeps her curly hair but cuts it short. She becomes a Self-assured Party Animal.

Then it’s Magda’s turn

Magda keeps her short hair but combs it upwards. She becomes a Squeamish Angling Ace. That really don’t go together, good luck with that!

And the house is a mess again and Anna is exhausted.

We’re still working towards that “Rarely tired” trait, but it takes forever!

Then Maja and Magda become very sad because Anna Hedlund died. Who is that? Must be a relative.

Ah, yes, she was their grandmother, but they never met her.

Anna gets invited to an outing with Martin, the possible next baby daddy. We’ll see how that works though, he’s mean and Anna is good, so maybe it’s a bit too much of a clash

Magda is out fishing in the middle of the night

The boys are doing their homework while Maja sleeps.

And the toddlers are helping themselves to some food.

A look at the calendar shows that Gunnar will have his birthday on Saturday, but not Gurli. Why is that, they are twins! We can also see that there will be a lot of rain this autumn!

Then it’s time to work on Anna’s wishes again. Why is the microscope so incredibly big???

Sunday the rain and the autumn is here

And it’s time for a big party

Candle blowing!

Gunnar becomes a Geek Whiz kid and Gurli a Genius Rambunctious scamp

And finally they will be able to take care of their hygiene by themselves.

Looking at the calendar again we see that a new holiday has been introduced – a sale day. We’ll wait until Monday to buy new beds and an umbrella stand then.

The rest of Sunday is spent fulfilling Anna’s wishes. Play in the rain…

Chat with Kjerstin

And raking leaves to be able to play in a leaf pile. 54 babies to go!

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