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100 Baby Challenge - Week 48, Full House

Last time, Hector and Helge were born and eventually grew up to Inquisitive and Clingy toddlers. Anna visited the humour festival. Maja and Magda grew up to Good Goofball children. Anna got pregnant again

Week 48 starts with Anna Nyberg, young adult, her three sons and two daughters. The children are three children and two toddlers. Anna is pregnant by Gustav Borg and expects her 6th child.

Magda is a Good sim and cries over all the tombstones in the frontyard. To keep her away from there she is put at the piano. It will also help her skills and her grades in school.

She’s a social little girl and enjoys talking to her mother and her greatgreatgrandmother.

Johan comes home with A grades!

Time for a party!

He grows up with an LTW to become a Masterchef and the Loner trait. Two out of two of his traits come straight from his father.

Here are our identical twins in their normal clothes. It’s impossible to tell them apart without the name tags.

A very pregnant Anna works on her wishes to come closed to that trait we need.

Johan reads his homework to his little brother.

Anna reads the boys a book. They are all miserable.

Time to grow up!

Hector grows up to a Good Social Butterfly, just like Magda. They can make use of each other.

Labourtime! In the middle of the celebrations

Helge needs to grow up too

Helge looks the same as Hector, they are not leaving the path of identicality. Helge becomes a Goofball Rambunctios scamp though, so not identical personalities

Anna stands on the leyline again.

It’s twins! It’s a girl and a boy. On Wednesday at 6.45 pm Gurli and Gunnar are born. And we have a new heir!

And we are back in the baby circus. And with all these twins, the house is now full, so we’ll have to start working on the older children so they can grow up and make room for more babies.

Magda and Maja are happy for their new siblings

Helge is not.

Anna starts a club gathering to get some help around the house

And she invites the twins’ father to end the romance with him.

“Please grow up soon!” J68 couldn’t agree more, babies are the worst!

Very handy club Anna is in. It’s interesting to see that Kjerstin is a member in both the Renegades who break stuff and in the Kovalens club that fixes things. Imagine to have a club gathering for both those clubs in the same location, they could go on forever!

Here we go! Gurli becomes a charmer and looks cute with her light brown pig tails

Gunnar becomes inquisitive and has the same haircut as his brothers.

Now let’s work on those skills!

Some of the tombstones on Anna’s lot has lost their ghosts and we get the idea to move them to a graveyard. A church is downloaded from the gallery. Just search for a community lot on 20x30 and you will find this Eglise. Thanks to the maker!

Leo and Jonas, rest in peace.

Anna goes to visit her brother Gustav. He lives alone in Windenburg nowadays since all their elder brothers and sisters died.

Anna collects the urns and invites her remaining brothers and sisters to come with her to the church.

They place down the stones together. Maybe we should try to collect all our relatives and bring them here, then we could have dance parties here and dance with the ghosts

Talking about dancing, Nicole invites Anna to a nightclub. Sure, we’ll go. We don’t have any babies to make at the moment. And it’s  Saturday!

Woop, woop! Even grandmother Maria is joining in

Sunday is spent skillbuilding

Anna spends time with Martin who is our next baby daddy, but there’s no rush to get romantic with him, at least Johan needs to grow up first.

And both the garden and the children gets some care

We end this update with a look at the family tree. Six siblings remain in Anna’s generation, and we have all our seven kids. Next time we will prepare for a move to a neighbourhood where seasons make sense. After three generations we are going to move from this desert house! We need to think carfully which things we need to bring and what can be left behind. 54 babies to go!

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