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100 Baby Challenge - Week 47, Identical Twins

Last time, Maja and Magda were born, technically being the heirs of this 100 baby challenge. Anna went to concerts and shows with her siblings. Nicole gave birth to twin boys and moved out with her fiancé Tetsu. Maja and Magda grew up to be angelic and Silly toddlers. Anna eventually got pregnant after having worked hard to seduce Henrik. Johan grew up to a Squeamish Whiz Kid.

Week 47 starts with Anna Nyberg, young adult, her one son and two daughters. The kids are one child and two toddlers. Anna is pregnant by Henrik Malm and expects her fouth child.

This week starts off like the last, with Anna in labour

At Monday 05.03 am, exactly one week after the twin girls we get twin boys. They get the names Hector and Helge.

Johan is not amused

Maja and Magda are still heirs and Maja is acquiring a taste for good literature

Their cousin Daniel, Kjerstin’s son, is visiting.

Kjerstin invites Anna to the humour festival

She joins the jokers because it doesn’t fit a good sim like Anna to be with the pranksters.

With all the joking Anna becomes very playful. And accidently starts a flirt with both Jan and Martin who are at the same table

The jokers win and Anna gets some money, some fireworks and a microphone

“Bye Kjerstin! Thanks for inviting me, it was great fun!”

Back home we start to recognize our 100 baby challenge household. We really need that Never Tired trait!

Johan's dad Jonas invites him to his birthday party. Of course he should go! We don’t hang around though, got things to do.

The ghosts are active again. Jaana: “Hi there little one, we would really need a baby sitter for you, you’re wearing us all out!” These two have been screaming since the day they were born, never happy.

Finally they grow up! Hector becomes Inquisitive and Helge Clingy

They are really identical twins, even with nearly the same outfit.

And now, we have four toddlers at the same time. Oh, joy!

And Anna has a fever

Her father keeps her company

Jonas calls: “Hello Anna, there’s an opera at 8, wanna come?” “Sorry, I’m sick.” (And hate opera)

Time for the girls to grow up!

Daddy Magnus helps her with the candles

Maja grows up to a Artistic Prodigy Goofball with an outfit to match

Then it’s Magda’s turn

She grows up to be a Good Social Butterfly. Her outfit is really cute!

Anna can’t finish the party, she’s really sick!

But Maja and Magda holds the fortress and entertains their father and their cousins.

Maja even takes care of the dishes.

Then she changes into her everyday wear and we see that she really inherited her father’s crazy hair!

Henrik comes by to play with his Clingy son.

When Anna gets well she arranges a club gathering and invites the next baby daddy over.

The club is great for gardening.

Then it’s time for the romance festival again. Anna invites Gustav.

In her new festival shirt, Anna starts getting serious with Gustav.

They finish off the evening with a bowl of noodles. Anna is not used to eat with chop sticks.

When the boys are in their pyjamas we can tell them apart. Hector has a pink onesie.

A rare moment  - Anna has time and energy to read a story to the big children.

Then it’s time for Gustav.

And Anna is pregnant! 56 babies to go

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