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100 Baby Challenge - Week 46, Leyline

Last time, Nicole kicked Joakim out. Anna succeed in getting pregnant by noncommitted loner Jonas. Nieces and nephews got visits. Anna went to the opera but didn’t like it. Johan was born and eventually grew up to a Wild toddler. Nicole met and started dating Tetsu, and before the week was over she was pregnant by him. Anna got pregnant again by Magnus Hedlund, her childhood friend with crazy hair, and met another contestant at the Romance Festival.

Week 46 starts with Anna Nyberg, young adult, her pregnant sister Nicole and her son Johan who is a toddler. Anna is pregnant by Magnus Hedlund and expects her second child.

And it has started!

It takes a while though, so Johan gets a bath while we’re waiting.

Is that the leyline?! Will we have twins??

It’s twins! It’s girls! It’s a bit early to talk about heirs, but Maja and Magda it is. They are born on Monday week 46 at 05.03 am.

Yay for helpful ghosts!

With the babies taken care of, Anna has time for her garden

And she’s got time to invite over her next contributor Henrik, who she met at the romance festival last week.

Her brother Roland, the music lover calls: “Seriously, we just have to go to this concert in an abandoned subterrain warehouse in the fashion district!”

Oooo, the heat is on!

Or not. Is this how it’s going to be?

He’s cute with the babies though. Probably husband material, but this is not that kind of challenge.

“Concert time, buddy!”

The children are not abandoned. Nicole is at home with them, but Johan is sad over the smashed dollhouse. That’s the most annoying things with the ghosts, they are breaking not only appliances, but also dollhouses.

“The Mean Beavers concert was sooo good, they played all my favourite songs, even a couple from the album Rodent Pond”

Awww, our founder Linnea is visiting!

Anna has time to read to Johan. Seize the moment, when we have a full house we won’t have time for that anymore!

Sister Kjerstin calls: “Let’s go downtown and see a show!” “OK”

Kjerstin calls two minutes later: “I’m going to NerdCon, they have an excellent observatory, do you want to come?” “Sorry, Henrik is here”

We need to get on his good side.

Anna is a good sim and wants to donate to charity. She chooses the good cause of “Backrubs for baby makers”. It would do herself some good, but we don’t’ have any spas in this computer.

“Time for the show”

“The play Snuffy the redhead pigeon was horrible. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone, I almost left!”

Nicole is in labour!

It’s twins! It’s boys and they get the random names Björn and Patrik. Now we have four babies on this lot, it’s really too much! Seems the leyline trait is working though!

It's way too much! We have to seriously try to get Nicole and her family out of the house. And to get the Never Tired trait for Anna.

“Hi Jonas, hi Dad!” The ghost with corn rolls is Anna’s father Andreas. Ghosts can play cards apparently.

“Hi Tetsu, I’m Anna. Nice to see you, can you please take my sister and your kids and move out”

“She’s right you know, I can’t stay here with the boys, we are interfering with her mission. I think we should move in together somewhere else”

“I really don’t think so, our relationship is not stable enough”
"What?! We have children together!"

“But OK, you’re so sexy in your filthy workwear, I want to see that every day”


Back to Henrik

He’s still cute with the babies

Which gives Anna some time to work with Johan

And Robert takes care of the dishes. J68 cannot imagine what we would do without the help of all the daddies and the ghosts!

Finally it’s time for the girls to grow up to toddlers. (Why are the popups not the same size?)

Maja is Angelic and looks like a boy

Magda is Silly and wears silly glasses

The best thing with twins is that they can entertain each other.

Every now and then Anna is actually happy instead of worn out. We are working on her whims and her lifetime aspiration to eventually get her the Never Tired trait and then it will be perfect.

And every once in a while the toddlers are playing nicely, giving Anna time for other things.

Like working on her next baby


Back to the garden

“I’ve heard that the bubble blower at the spice festival has some awsome flavours, do you want to come?” “OK”

“Henrik, now when I’m carrying your baby, let’s be just friends”
It’s really annoying, having spent so much time getting there and then it’s just over. But that’s the way the 100 baby challenge rolls.

Hm, here’s a nice looking young man. Blond...


“Martin, was it? Stargaze with me!”

Look at all the food! Let’s join the curry eating competition!

Hahaha! “It seems Anna is not used to eting spicy food” No she isn’t, she never had anything like that before

Look, plants we don’t have at home, let’s harvest some and take some cuttings

It’s Johan’s birthday!

Anna helps him with his candles

He grows up to a Squeamish Whiz kid. The squeamishness will be hard on him in this house that is always filthy! “Yuck! It’s just so gross!”

“Hi Anna, do you want to join the Kovalens union?” “Sure!” What’s that?

What a perfect club! They meet at Anna’s house and one club activity is to fix things. We will never have to spend money and time to replace or fix any broken objects again! 58 babies to go.

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