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100 Baby Challenge - Week 45, Baby Making

Last time, Roland grew up to an Outgoing young adult, took a job as a critic and visited NerdCon. Anna’s grades improved gradually, but slowly. Nicole’s relationship with Joakim went downhill, while Roland had a whirlwind romance and soon got engaged to Annika Lindström. Anna finally grew up to a young adult and started dating, but didn’t succeed in trying to get pregnant. Roland and Annika moved out.

Week 45 starts with Anna Nyberg, young adult, her sister Nicole and Nicole’s failed lover boy Joakim. Anna is not pregnant.

We do one more effort to increase the chance of successful romancing for this lot by adding the “Romantic aura” as a lot trait.

Then we sit Nicole and Joakim down on the bed in front of the romantic aura painting that we have there, but they FAIL in getting romantic with each other.

That’s it! Joakim is moved out to live together with another guy named Larsson. We pretend they are related.

Nicole: “Good riddance, please don’t come back!”

Now, Anna, it’s time for you to turn your very good friend Jonas into a baby daddy!

She flirts away, but he remains in the friends zone. At least he doesn’t reject her!

There we go!

Very small aspiration points for such a great achievement!

Twin chance!

Yay, Anna is pregnant with her first baby(ies)!

Now, the hunt for the fertility trait continues – Anna wants to plant something, so we go to the park across the street and harvest a chrysantmum plant that we can have at home. Aspiration points FTW!

Anna feels bad from her pregnancy, but as we said last time, we must visit our relatives and meet our nieces and nephews. Therefor Anna and Nicole goes to visit Kjerstin’s family. Anna’s locked in wishes are to increase her gardening skill and to woohoo with Jonas (!)

“Hello, Daniel the nephew! Ooo, hellooo Jonas!” (Then she took him to her sister’s bed and fulfilled a wish…)

Back home, Nicole gets an invite from brother Andreas to come along to the bar for alien night. Sure! We need a new man!

She also finds one that might be interesting – a blond Japanese named Tetsu. We’ll take it very easy with this, that’s for sure!

Anna works her garden in the middle of the night again. Maybe we should install lights.

Anna gets invited by music loving brother Roland to come to the opera at 8pm. Sure, wonder how that works?

8 pm he calls again and says it will be “Don Caliente”, will she come? “I already said yes!” Then she changes into her formal wear and leaves the lot.

A couple of hours later she comes back saying “Yawn, opera isn’t really my thing. I can appreciate it, but it’s not the most exciting thing in the world”

Aww, random sisterly love!

Time for a visit to brother Andreas’s house. “Hello Annika, the niece!” We have a sister-in-law named Annika too, think they entered the family about the same time, so it’s rather random that they have the same name.

Nicole asks Tetsu to join at Andreas’s house. They are getting better friends

Anna reads Annika a story and then they go home.

Anna is in labour! Will we have twins?!

Let’s go to the hospital to find out!

It’s not twins, it’s only one baby. A boy born on Thursday at 6.54 pm and who gets the name Johan.

Back home, Anna asks Jonas to be only friends, and he’s fine with that.

Next, Magnus!

Come on, Magnus, you know you want this!

YES! Will it be twins this time??

Nicole is wonderful with Johan but still wants a baby of her own. Wait a bit, shouldn’t Roland and Annika have had their baby by now?

OMG, they had triplets! Would be great if Anna had that at some point. And they are already toddlers! We also see that Daniel has grown up to a child and that sisters Ronja and Pernilla have died!

Ever since Anna had Johan at the hospital, she’s been wearing the hospital gown around the house

Off to visit the triplets!

And brother Roland of course

After spending time with her brother’s family Anna picks some wildflowers with seeds and goes home to plant them.

And then inviting Andreas over to spend some time with him. All for the aspiration points!

Just to emphasize to fellow simmers – don’t get rid of the ancestors’ ghosts, they are very useful!

Anna knows it too and thanks her grandmother Maria accordingly

Then she’s up for some mischief and Magnus is on the receiving end of that

He’s there anyway since Anna is going to ask him to be only friends

It’s time for Nicole to get some action, and it seems that it will work out with Tetsu!

Tetsu has to head to work. Nicole follows him out and gazes longingly after him. She really deserves something good now!

Nicole and Anna are having an afternoon snack when they hear that the Romance Festival is in town. Of course we’ll have to go! They invite all their siblings to join.

The first person they meet is Joakim. Anna talks to him (he might come in handy in the future) but the others pretend they can’t see him.

Apparently you’re supposed to drink Sakura tea at the festival

Ooo, there’s some side effects coming with that tea…

“Well hello there random guy, you’re hot with your crew cut and slim beard!”

Random Henrik: “Oooo, there’s nothing sexier than a woman heavily pregnant with another man’s child!”

“Let’s not waste time, come find me when the baby’s born!”

Meanwhile, Kjerstin in a stunning outfit, and Nicole are having some more tea.

When Tetsu comes from work, he’s joining Nicole at the festival

And he follows her home to the new luxurious double bed…

Yay, Nicole will finally have a baby of her own! Together with Tetsu, a man who honestly cares for her!

He asks her on a date the next day, and none of them could be any happier, just look at their romance bar! J68 is so happy for them! :’)

So many things have happened this week it feels like Johan has been a baby forever, but suddenly he grows up to be a Wild toddler.

Another Jonas than his father (this Jonas is the father of uncle Jonathan) teaches him to play with blocks.

And he’s playing with the toddler tablet. Not so wild yet!

Looky, looky! Anna is over 3000 points!

Yes, yes, I’m sure I want the fertility trait for 3000 points! Might not help this time, but maybe next?

Anna loves life with her garden, in her hospital gown

And the week ends with no baby in sight. 60 babies to go!

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