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100 Baby Challenge Week 44 - Anna finally grows up!

Last time, Jaana died at age 121. Kjerstin’s boyfriend Olof moved in and Kjerstin and Olof got married in their everyday wear, got pregnant and moved out. Andreas started dating Helena, she moved in, they got married, pregnant and moved out. Nicole fixed stuff and started dating Joakim who moved in. Anna had terrible grades and played games with Roland and Nicole.

Week 44 starts with Anna Nyberg, teen, her brother Roland, who’s also a teen and her sister Nicole, young adult. In the house we also have Joakim Larsson, Nicole’s husband-to-be.

Anna has an LTW to become a Freelance Botanist, and therefor she works in the garden as soon as she’s got a chance.

With a new generation, it’s time for new lot traits. We choose Good Soil, Good Schools and On Leyline and we will hope for many twins for Anna.

However, our genius still has C grades, so it will be a while before she can grow up.

Some automonous flirting with a childhood friend might help the miserable mood.

Nicole is still the handyman

Which leaves Roland to have to bake a cake for himself. He’s due to grow up due to age, not grades.

Completely unnoticed, Roland grows up to a young adult and acquires the Outgoing trait.

Since he’s a Perfectionist Music lover, we choose a career as a Critic for him

Joakim sets himself on fire, but Roland saves the day

Then brother Jonathan invites him to NerdCon. Sure!

Hackaton, here we go!

Hahaha, this sounds like a dinner conversation in my RL family – “Argue about how to pronounce gif”, “Discuss 1000 bears in ant size or 1 ant in bear size”, “Talk lovingly about cosplayers”, “Joke about woohoo in a space rocket”, “joke about pi”

Back home, Nicole and Joakim’s relationship grows worse every day, totally wihout reason.

Let’s restart

Anna’s grades are improving, but it is so slow! That is totally without reason too, she’s a genius and finalizes her homework every day.

Kjerstin is visiting and she’s not pregnant anymore. Let’s look at the family tree!

Aww, Kjerstin has a son called Daniel and Andreas has a daughter called Annika. We need to visit them some day!

Nicole fixes stuff as usual

Joakim writes. Nothing happens between them anymore. Is it time to give up?

Our cheerful ancestral mother Linnea makes veggie burgers for all

Roland and Nicole joins her at the kitchen counter, but apparently they prefer grilled Cheese.

Roland uses the old word processor to write his critics columns

And Anna admires her garden.

At NerdCon, Roland met a girl named Annika. Today she’s visiting, but she has to leave soon. Roland at least has time to find out she’s single.

Anna likes to hang out with her brother Andreas and she invites him over to get some aspiration points.

Her school mate Magnus is also useful for that purpose.

Nicole who wish for nothing else than a child of her own lives a parallel life with the man we thought would be her perfect match. They were very much in love when they were teens

And finally Anna is an A student!

Roland arranges the party. He’s really not fond of Joakim. Maybe he doesn’t like that Joakim is not nice to his favourite sister.

Roland himself is in a whirlwind romance with Annika Lindström

Anna blows out her candles and grows up to a Good young adult. There will be a lot of crying over the tombstones out front.

The first thing that happens after the party is that Jonas Persson, a guy she hardly knows, asks Anna out to hang at the ruins.

They spend the day cloud gazing and their friendship quickly builds up.

Nicole and Joakim have another awkward encounter

While Annika accepts Roland’s proposal after just a couple of days dating. It’s really unexplainable.

Annika moves in, leaving behind her stepchildren Ingrid and Thomas. Who their father is the game doesn’t tell us. Apparently he’s out of the picture.

It works a bit better to let Joakim flirt with Nicole instead of opposite, but it’s really a scandal how bad their relationship is after all this time. For no reason! They even have common traits, like being bookworms!

Anna invites Jonas to flirt with. In the background we see that Annika is already pregnant

Jonas and Anna are good friends already, but he’s a Loner and Noncommittal, so we take it a bit easy with him…

But apparently not easy enough!

Roland and Annika move out in preparation for their baby

And Anna reaches a milestone in her botanist LTW

Anna had a crush on Magnus when they were teens. Now they are both young adults and Anna thinks it might be easier to get him as her first baby daddy, but NO! What’s the matter with all these guys?! No pregnancy for Anna in her first week as a young adult. 61 babies to go!

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