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Lost on Lake Victoria - Part 8

The competition is heating up
Another test with cuts:

All the remaining survivors got promoted today – Kate and Locke to Multiregional Sims of some Question, and Hurley to Fast food Shift manager


Day 17 - Wednesday

Hurley and Kate kissed and made up, even though Hurley still is furious with Kate. Sweet ACR and Casual Woohoo...

Oops! Seems living on an island without contraceptives has had its consequences.




Day 18 - Thursday


The becoming father found himself some exercise clothes with a disco feel to them. They’re good enough for gardening though. As you can see, the pool table is found.


Locke got the first heat stroke on the island! His skin has become the same colour as his hair, very strange looking. Drink some water!

Kate gets demoted to spelunker again, due to a bad chance card. Her best friend at work, Amin, is coming with her from work again. The same guy as she took to her bed...




Day 19 - Friday

6 AM – Of the three remaining survivors, Locke’s got the lowest score, so he’s leaving again. See you in a few days!

End of cut?

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