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Week 43 - Weddings and Funerals

Last time, Andreas grew up to a Childish young adult. Roland grew up to a Serial Romancer teen. Kjerstin started to date Olof. Jaana got engaged to Robert and he moved in, just to fall down dead immediately! We had a successful Spooky party, Nicole grew up to a Bookworm young adult and Anna to a Freelance Botanist teen.

Week 43 starts with Jaana, elder, her two sons and three daughters. The children are three young adults and two teens.

We start off this week with Anna, hanging out with her dead father Andreas.

We are still determined to get Kjerstin together with Olof, but he’s REALLY difficult!

Jaana is dying! Anna startles in her bed as she can feel it happening

Her children gather around her, except Kjerstin who’s at work

Goodbye, Jaana, you contributed to the challenge with 11 children. Rest in peace! Jaana leaves at 10.16 pm on Monday week 43, which means she ended up to be 121 days old. Now Anna is truly the heir, but it will be a while yet before she grows up.

In the meantime we will try to marry off the siblings that are still in the house. Kjerstin has finally succeeded in getting romantic with Olof

And even if he’s embarrassed as usual, they get down to their first kiss. (I’m not really a fan of his skinny arms and pudgy middle, but who cares, Kjerstin is sort of friends with him, so he’s the easiest option. And maybe he’s nice)

Olof is moved in, leaving his mother and sister behind.

At the same time we have also started to work on Andreas future married life. The subject is Helena Bergman, sitting on the other side of Kjerstin. Andreas is still upset from his mother’s passing. He’s a Good sim and takes death really hard.

Kjerstin moves fast and the two get engaged

But before the wedding we’ll have a birthday party

Olof grows up to an adult, which is fine, Kjerstin is not so much younger

Finally a wedding in this series!

They don’t even change into their formal wear!

After the ceremony, j68 forces them to change. Aww, Kjerstin is so beautiful!!! Kind of wish she would have become the heir

Our current heir has some interesting features too, but right now she’s really in need of a shower!

After a gold medal wedding, everybody goes home, and Kjerstin find herself pregnant and her and Olof moves to the house nextdoor to start their own life.

Nicole is still here, fixing all the stuff the ghosts break.

Next up, Andreas and Helena. They met at the gym last week and they are both active.

Andreas was a bit fluffy around the middle when he was a teen, but nowadays he’s very slim

It can have something to do with his LTW which is to be a Bodybuilder. He’s working out hours every day.

Anna fails school. It’s unbelieavable – she’s doing her homewotk every day and she’s a Genius, but still… Maybe it’s too easy for her and she’s disturbing her classmates instead of doing school work?

Back to Andreas, he takes Helena on a proper date

They make good progress even though Helena looks a bit taken aback by the kiss and their romance bar increases very slowly

Proposal! And even if it doesn’t really look like that, she says yes. However, we find out that she’s noncommittal

In all the romance and pairing, our remaining teens are very much neglected.

So Nicole arranges a game night for them

Andreas and Helena’s relationship has improved considerably, so he asks her to move in. She’s got no relatives, so it’s a pretty easy decision to make


Wrong dress, Helena!

There we go! Helena is actually pretty fluffy for having a body skill of 10. She was the gym instructor when she met Andreas.

Naaww, all the siblings are here, some of them even getting grey

The pregnant Kjerstin looks stunning – Anna seems to be quite jealous!

The wedding party is a roaring success

Until our oldest brother Markus falls to the ground

And the grim reaper comes to fetch him. Another death in the family this week! And Markus was only 93!

Regardless, the party is a success and Helena is pregnant, so Andreas and her are moving out.

And for the next, pretty sad, game night, there are only three sims in the house. Nicole, Roland and Anna.

Nicole is a young adult, and despite her being very sad from her brother’s passing, she’s flirting with her significant other who she met already in school – Joakim Larsson.

And he’s moved in, leaving his mother and sister behind

We leave this round in preparation for Anna’s reign, with her family tree. We can conclude that the names for this generation have been too long, they hardly fit in one picture. 61 babies to go!

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