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Week 42 - Spooky Deaths

Last time, Gustav moved out. We concentrated on Anna’s development. Kjerstin grew up to a Materialistic young adult. Nicole grew up to a self-assured teen. Jaana became an elder and we had a successful hot dog barbecue!

Week 42 starts with Jaana, elder, her two sons and three daughters. The kids are one young adult, two teens and two children. There will be no babies this week either.

Kjerstin comes home promoted to open mic seeker.

Instead of having babies we are trying to marry off the kids we have left. Kjerstin is encouraged to start a romantic relationship with her old schoolmate Olof Eriksson.

Jaana spends time with her ghost mother Maria

Breakfast before school. Study hard little ones so that we can progress in this challenge!

It’s time for Andreas’ birthday, despite him not being an A student.

He grows up to be Childish in addition to Good and Active.

Look at that! Jaana’s oldest child Markus is an elder too!

Apparently it’s Roland’s birthday as well.

He grows up to be a Perfectionist serial romancer.

Andreas chooses a career in athletics and immediately starts working on his body skill

Kjerstin invites Olof over to start a romance with him, but he’s really not interested!

Nicole has become our dedicated repairman.

Jaana arranges a party again to get further in her LTW. She’s flirting with Robert so that we eventually can plan a wedding

In the process she reaches level 10 in the charisma skill.

The downside with having a lot of parties is that it generates piles of washing up to do!

She invites Robert again for a nice woohoo, but she ends up dangerously strained!

Despite him being so rejecting towards Kjerstin, Olof invites her to a date. Of course we’ll go!

In the end they even end up being romantically involved!

Back home, Jaana asks Robert to marry her and move in. He says yes to both.

He doesn’t even have time to set foot in his new home before he falls down dead on the sidewalk.

Jaana even tries to plead for him but to no avail. There will be no wedding for Jaana this time either.

In better news, Nicole comes home with A grades. It was a long time since we were allowed to grow someone up early thanks to grades!

No party is arranged, Jaana is too sad. She just bakes a zombie cake and leaves Nicole to blow out the candles on her own.

She grows up to be a Bookworm in addition to Self-Assured and Kleptomaniac. She’s now got the exact same personality as Jaana, although with a different LTW.

Anna works on her mental skill together with Olof, Kjerstin’s love interest.

Despite Robert’s death, Jaana is still happy from their engagement. That’s interesting!

Olof asks Kjerstin out again, to a dance party this time.

While there, Wolfgang Munch dies on the lot. The hood is really getting old!

The flirting doesn’t work so well after that.

In the meantime, Andreas goes to the gym and meets a girl named Helena. Maybe we can build on that.

Jaana wants to throw successful parties and today we’re aiming for a spooky party. It goes along with recent events.

Anna dresses up as a princess and starts to carve a pumpkin

Nicole is dressed like a pirate and Roland as some character from Mad Max or something.

A lot of pictures are missing from the party, but it ended a gold success!

Directly after the spooky party it’s time for a birthday party again. We never had a gold medal for a birthday party, which is strange, since we have had so many!

Anna blows out her candles

She grows up to become a Goofball with an LTW to become a Freelance Botanist. That is probably a good LTW for a stay-at-home mom.

This is the reason we never reach gold for birthdays: “Get an adult to propose a toast” Have no idea how to do that! Suggestions are welcome!

At least it’s a nice party and Anna ends it with a game of cards with her youngest siblings Roland and Nicole.

Sunday, Anna buys a pack of seeds and start out on her LTW. This will be fun!

And as an end note, we give you a closer look at teen Anna. Next time we’ll work on her aspiration and her whims to collect as many points for her as possible. 61 babies to go!

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