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Week 41 - Barbecue Success

Last time, Andreas Björk, Anna’s father, moved in. Gustav grew up to Geeky young adult. Andreas grew up to a Good Bodybuilder. Roland  grew up to be a music loving rambunctious scamp. Andreas the baby daddy died and Jaana’s son Markus immediately asked her to join singles night at the bar. Anna grew up to a Genius Whiz kid.

Week 41 starts with Jaana Nyberg, adult, her three sons and three daughters. The kids are one young adult, two teens and three children. Jaana will not have any more children. We are up to a total of 39 in three generations.

We start off this week by moving Gustav out to live with his siblings, ticking them off one by one.

While everybody sleeps, Leo the ghost makes himself useful. Too bad we didn’t have time to use him as a baby daddy for Jaana.

Anna, our heir, is very sad from her father’s passing, but at least she gets a happy birthday wish from beyond the grave.

Jaana is very sad too – we were planning a wedding here! She channels her thoughts through writing, so at least some money will come out of that.

She sends the book to the book club as she can do only once a week

Homework session!

There are still many sims to cook for!

This week will be very quiet we foresee, and we will try to concentrate on Anna’s wishes and development so that she can get many aspiration points.

Johanna invites her mother to the ruins

Pernilla and Markus are there too.

Back home, Anna plays chess with Andreas.

Then a dance party. Jaana shows her moves.

And a book club meeting at home.

Anna meets boys at school. Wonder if this is a future baby daddy?

It’s time for Nicole and Kjerstin to grow up, not thanks to good grades.

Nicole goes first and grows up to be self-assured like her mother

She also changes her hair to a really short do.

Kjerstin has troubles reaching the cake

Finally, after the party is already over she gets there, and she grows up to be materialistic.

She accepts a job as an entertainer, with the goal to concentrate on music.

Then it’s time for Jaana’s birthday!

She arranges a party in the park for herself

She looks the same, only grey.

It’s a nice party with all her daughters.

Back home, it’s homework time

On Saturday we set out to try to succeed with a hot dog barbecue. How hard can it really be?? Not like we haven’t tried multiple times…

Here we go, Jaana is bored stiff but at least starts the fire.

Jaana tells a group story. There are a lot of people on the lot!

We are supposed to barbecue hot dogs and hang by the fire for three hours.

Oh, no, the fire spreads!

Robert is on fire and everybody freaks out except Kjerstin who puts him out. No casualties reported!

We bought a game table and the brothers play a game of cards

It takes forever to barbecue three hot dogs apparently. And tofu dogs don’t count.

Yes, gold!!

Then we concentrate on Anna again and gets Jaana to read to her.

Kjerstin and Roland reaches the next step in their respective LTWs

And Anna is well under way.

And we end this update with a close-up of our heir. Anna is pretty cute after all, despite having brown hair. 61 babies to go!


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