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100 Baby Challenge - Week 40, The Dollhouse

Last time, Jonathan grew up to a Clumsy young adult and moved out. He often came back visiting. Roland grew up to a Clingy toddler. Nicole became a Kleptomaniac child and Kjerstin a Kleptomaniac teen with Musical ambitions. Anna, the final heir was born and grew up to a fussy toddler.

Week 40 starts with Jaana Nyberg, adult, her three sons and three daughters. The kids are two teens, two children and two toddlers. Jaana will not have any more children. We are up to a total of 39 in three generations.

Jonathan still likes to come visiting his living and dead relatives.

Kjerstin has found the barbecue that we usually forget that we have.

It’s very convenient, she feeds the whole family.

Anna, our heir, is angry since she played too much with the dollhouse. Just stop doing that then, we’re not forcing you! In addition you should be happy that you have a dollhouse to play with, it’s broken most of the time.

Jaana has a new option when writing a book – she can send it to a book club! That is apparently the most lucrative way to sell a book. On the other hand she can only do it once a week

It’s time to ask Andreas to move in. He’s the lst baby daddy and the father of the heir nonetheless. Andreas is a Squeamish, Hot-headed Kleptomaniac.

He leaves behind his step siblings, Lennart’s children Kjell(?) and Helena

Time to earn some money, since we have 41§ to our name…

But look, a lot of random stuff in our family inventory! Sometimes it’s great to have a bunch of Kleptomaniacs in the family.

Our heir is a charming creature, always angry for something.

Her youngest brother on the other hand is always happy.

And Jaana is always exhausted. Still, despite not being pregnant all the time.

Nevertheless it’s Gustav’s birthday

It’s a dance party!

He grows up to be a Geek, on top of being a Creative Bookworm. Would have been perfect traits for an heir…

Then Andreas comes home from school as an A student.

And it’s Roland’s birthday too, due to age

Andreas starts. The house is a complete mess as usual

He doesn’t exactly look like a jock, but Andreas grows up with an TLW to be a Bodybuilder. He also becomes Good.

Then it’s Roland’s turn

He grows up to be a music loving rambunctious scamp

Jaana tries to be a good mother and reads Anna to sleep while the ghosts break everything

Then they take a coffee break (!)

Gustav gets a chance to improve his handiness in their wake

When Anna is not angry, she’s sad. A very fussy toddler indeed!

But Andreas reads her a book and Roland listens in.

Admittedly, Anna can be cute and playful too!

Jonathan is welcome to come over at any time

Sometimes we have bonding between the sisters

And sometimes between the brothers

Oops, Andreas the elder is dangerously tired from a straining activity

That straining activity was apparently an unsatisfactory woohoo session

We can see that he’s for sure no youngster anymore!

“Hi, Mom!”

Uh-oh, time has come!

And the very same night, Markus, our oldest child calls: “Hi, Mom, I hear it’s singles night at the bar, wanna come?” A man of action, our son Markus!

Jaana decides to go and invites Gustav, who’s single too, and Robert, Roland’s father.

They all have a great time until Markus flips out over the dollhouses that were always broken during his childhood.

Then it’s time to go home, to a broken dollhouse and a brother who’s a good teacher for our heir

Jaana actually makes some money now from writing

And she maxes her writer skill at the same time as Lennart, her dead brother, congratulates her on becoming friends with Robert.

Then it’s time for Anna’s birthday. Unfortunately she hasn't reached level 3 in all toddler skills.

And we end this week with an Anna in disguise. Next time we will see what this Genius Whiz Kid really looks like! 61 babies to go!

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