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100 Baby Challenge - Week 39 - Generation 4 Heir

Last time, we had the normal chaos and the power shut off due to unpaid bills. Johanna grew up to a Hot-headed, Evil Kleptomaniac young adult. Nicole was born. Gustav grew up to a Bookworm teen. Andreas grew up to an Active child. Jaana acquired the Fertile trait, leveled up in her LTW and gave birth to Roland.

Week 39 starts with Jaana Nyberg, adult, her four sons and two daughters. The kids are two teens, two children, one toddler and one baby. Jaana is not pregnant.

With a new baby brother, Nicole remains the heir. Too bad generation 3 heir Jaana is not in this picture where we have the red ghost of generation 1, Linnea, the purple ghost of generation 2, Maria, and the generation 4 toddler, Nicole.

Nicole is happy to have a younger brother.

The oldest brother in the house, Jonathan, is due to grow up.

The oldest brother altogether, Markus, watches his mother bake the cake.

It’s not the best day for Jonathan

Eventually he gets to the cake and his older siblings Markus, Ronja and Pernilla cheer him on

Jonathan grows up to be Clumsy like his father, one of the Jonas ghosts we have on the lot.

Here we have four generations: Linnea, Maria, Jaana and Kjerstin. Roland is of course also part of generation 4, but in this challenge boys have no significance other than being a number. Roland is no 38 J

Jonathan (no 33) is moved out to live with his brother and sisters.

Gustav, now the oldest kid in the house plays with Nicole. Jaana is pondering the possibility to end her baby making career with possible twins, which would give her 12 kids in total. It’s a nice even number and she finally has the Fertile trait.

The possible next baby daddy is Andreas Björk. He is the son of Jaana’s sister-in-law. Elin, Andreas mother married Jaana’s brother Lennart (no 27)

He also has black hair, so if it is a girl, there is a chance that our heir does not have brown hair.

Jaana is pregnant!

Regardless of colour and gender, this pregnancy will be the last, and as our tradition is, a picture of the last daddy for the bedroom wall is arranged.

Sorry for the dark picture, but on the top, Linnea and Olof, in the middle Maria and Jaxson and on the bottom Jaana and Andreas.

And finally Jaana will have time for the kids she already has and starts to teach Nicole to speak.

Wow, Andreas became an elder since yesterday!

That’s right, we have another kid. Roland grows up to a Clingy toddler, with black hair and light grey eyes. Would have loved those colours in our heir!

He’s cute among the chaos

Kjerstin reaches a milestone in her Social Butterfly aspiration, but she’s angry due to her temper.

Argh, always very uncomfortable and the dishes piling up. So glad this is Jaana’s last pregnancy!

And it’s nice that the older kids want to come over pretty often

Gustav is a great help too

But most of the time, Jaana does the chores herself.

Sometimes there is time to relax though

Until it's time for another birthday party, for our girls!

Come on Jaana, I know you’re tired, but let’s get this cake going!

Her sister Johanna helps Nicole to blow out her candles, but their mother can’t get close enough

Nicole grows up to be a Rambunctious Kleptomaniac with long black hair.

Then it’s Kjerstin’s turn

She becomes a Kleptomaniac too, but also an aspiring Musical Genius with a sporty look.

Jaana and Roland crash several times before managing to get to bed

But the guests have a nice time at least. Andreas the father and Andreas the son are getting acquainted.


In between the contractions, Jaana tries to take care of her needs.

The last generation 4 is a single baby girl, born on Friday week 39 at 5.47 am. She gets the name Anna and is now the heir.

Life becomes so much easier for Jaana and she goes back to feeling happy with her life. But where did the focused painting go? We had one on the wall here in the study.

Andreas is not fine though, he’s itchy and has caught some disease.

With some mecicin he will soon get better.

Gustav is used as unpaid labour in this house. It’s very convenient to have teens!

Nicole seems to be very fine with not being the heir anymore and tells her baby sister an enchanting story.

The ghosts take good care of her too.

Then she grows up to be an oh-no fussy oh—no brown-haired toddler. She’s cute though, so we will love her despite all.

Then we try to work on Jaana’s LTW, because why not, we have nothing better to do while waiting for Anna to grow up.

During the party Jaana finally ends things with Robert, Rolands father, to be able to flirt openly with Andreas.

Andreas just won’t have it, so Jaana gets embarrassed.

The kissing goal is by now out of the question and therefor Jaana fixes the stove and tries to make a cake in time

Cake is managed, but kissing remains, and therefor we only get silver for the event. Well, well, better luck next time.

And we end this update with the family tree. Jaana ended up having 11 children, not a single pair of twins, but still only one less than her mother Maria. 61 babies to go.

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