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100 Baby Challenge - Week 38, Two Babies!

Last time, Jonathan grew up to a Joke Star teen. Andreas grew up to an Inquisitive toddler. Kjerstin had a forgotten birthday when she grew up to a Hot-headed child. We had a failed hotdog party.

Week 38 starts with Jaana Nyberg, adult, her two daughters and three sons. The kids are two teens, two children and one toddler. Jaana is pregnant by Nils Pettersson and expects her ninth child.

We start off the week with Jaana making Johanna a birthday cake, surrounded by the local ghosts.

Johanna grows up due to age and not skill.

And we add hot-headed to her list of charming traits. Good thing that she’s not the heir anymore!

Kjerstin is hot-headed too though, so we’ll have our share of drama

Johanna needs to start earning her living, so we put her in the Criminal career, iit feels like it would suit her.

A very inspired Jaana maxes her gourmet cooking skill. It seems inevitable that the heir becomes an accomplished cook. All our mamas have reached that level.

Johanna is angry for no reason other than her traits. Could have been fun to have her as heir, but probably very frustrating

Babytime! It’s another girl, born on Monday at 10.37 pm. She gets the name Nicole.

Aaaand we immediately end up in the trainwreck this family usually is in. Hungry, dirty and uncomfortable.

Kjerstin and Gustav are angry and sad respectively due to the birth of the unnecessary sibling. No wonder actually, since them too know by now that the chaos has only started. And it’s probably not the last time either!

And they are right, indeed! Jaana has already set her eyes on the next black haired man in her vicinity. We are determined to have an heir who doesn’t have brown hair.

We know that today Gustav will grow up and Jaana bakes a cake despite being exhausted.

That’s the only thing she has energy to do, except taking care of the baby

Andreas the toddler has to fend for himself. It works so-so. And the power was just shut off due to unpaid bills. Good thing the cake is already baked then!

Then we realize that it was in the nick of time Jaana got get Nicole at all, her father is now dead, and we couldn’t even figure out his third trait. We’ll make one up when we randomize her traits later on.
(The Legacy randomizer I use require input of the parents’ traits http://www.simslegacychallenge.com/sims-4-legacy-challenge-random-trait-generator/)

No party is arranged, everybody is too uncomfortable, including Gustav himself. He grows up due to age anyway.

He grows up to be a Bookworm with an LTW to be Leader of the Pack. Good luck with that! We will sure not help.

Robert invites Jaana to a happening. Of course we have to go!

It’s a dance party at the Bluffs. Jaana loves it, she’s a party animal after all, even though she rarely has a chance to live her dream. Her oldest son Markus is there too.

Back home the ghosts are messing things up, but are also helpful. As usual, it’s about 50/50 of both. Wish they wouldn’t break things so often, but on the other hand they are never scaring anybody to death, so that’s fine.

Nicole grows up to an Inquisitive toddler with black (!) hair. There’s hope for some variation in generation 4!

Back to Robert who is more than willing to give Jaana some fun to green up her plumbob.

And she’s pregnant!

Time for the next party!

Andreas father is still alive, and not even an elder!

He grows up to an Active Whiz Kid, which is a bit contradictory, but ok.

After the party Johanna is moved out to live with her brother and sisters.

And finally Jaana has enough aspiration points to acquire the Fertile trait. She didn’t have even one set of twins, and we guess that is why she’s so behind in producing kids.

And right after that we realize that Markus is already an adult, and by our own rules, that is when the Mother needs to stop having kids. It was too awkward with Linnea (the Founder) that her kids became elders while she was still producing off-spring. But anyway, we will have to make one more try for twins before we retire Jaana.

The party makes Jaana reach next level in her Party Animal LTW which is great. However, we now need to arrange 10 events, attend 15 events and 2 of the arranged events need to reach gold. That’s a big task!

Here comes baby no 2 in the same week! That’s amazing in its own way!

And we end the week with a baby boy, born on Sunday at 3.13 pm. He gets the name Roland. 62 babies to go.

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