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100 Baby Challenge - Week 37, Failed Hotdog Barbeque

Last time, all our girls grew up, Ronja and Pernilla to young adults and Johanna to a Kleptomaniac Curator teen. Gustav grew up to a Creative child. We had a new heir, Kjerstin, who grew up to a Clingy toddler. Ronja and Pernilla moved out. Jaana grew up to an adult without ceremony

Week 37 starts with Jaana Nyberg, adult, her two daughters and two sons. The kids are one teen, two children and one toddler. Jaana is pregnant by Anders Hedlund and expects her eighth child.

We start off the week with Jaana breaking up with Anders. We need to try to speed up the baby making here. Jaana is already an adult and is only expecting her eighth child.

The boys are dirty when they come from school, but Jonathan has A grades

Jaana doesn’t even have time to bake the cake before her labour starts

And as if that was not enough, she faints in the kitchen.

Nevertheless we do get a cake on the counter so that Jonathan can blow out the candles.

He grows up to a Self-assured aspiring Joke Star.

And at the same time, the baby’s coming.

It’s a boy who is born on Tuesday at 9.02 pm. He gets the name Andreas.

And Jaana faints again

Luckily Jonathan steps in to take care of his little brother.

Next day it’s time to hunt for another baby daddy. Nils Strand is already an elder.

The date continues in the bar upstairs. One Nils on either side-

Ooops, apparently we made someone else than Nils interested. Flirting in a group chat might not be the best strategy

Back home Andreas grows up to an Inquisitive toddler.

He looks like Jaana too, maybe slightly lighter hair, like Pernilla

OMG, we forgot our heir’s birthday! Kjerstin grows up to a hotheaded social butterfly.

Poor thing, she’s sad for her missed birthday

Instead we spend some time on a make-over and gives her both glasses and necklace to match her red denim shirt. Even her T-shirt wears matching glasses. She’s cute with her blond page hair and dark brown eyes.

Jaana calls the other Nils to hang out. The first one is nowhere to be found. Later we find that he died. Too bad on those blond genes!

Nils 2 in on it even though he doesn’t like flies

The flirting continues while the kids come back from school

Nils is receptive

Very receptive!

Jaana is very happy to be pregnant, but Nils is more hesitant

Meanwhile Kjerstin works on her Social Butterfly goal

With kids in the house it’s time again to try a hot dog party

As usual there’s no main goal, which makes the task very tricky

At least it’s possible to barbecue the hot dogs even though it takes forever.

And of course there’s a fire!!

The atmosphere at the party becomes very tense even if some sims think fast and tries to put out the fire

Even Jaana catches on fire!!

And while the time runs out for the party, we see that once again we don’t even reach bronze for it! 64 babies to go.

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