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Last time, Gustav was born and grew up to an Inquisitive toddler. Jonathan’s father Jonas died on the lot. Jaana was thrown out of Hugo’s house. Markus moved out to live with his father. Pernilla grew up to a Self-assured Party animal teen. Jonathan grew up to a Bookworm child.

Week 36 starts with Jaana Nyberg, young adult, her three daughters and two sons. The kids are two teens, two children and one toddler. Jaana is pregnant by Kjell Engström and expects her seventh child.

Markus wants to come over. Sure, we love when people want to come to us!

For once, Jaana is not famished or exhausted, so she gets down to fixing everything the ghosts broke.

Right now the ghosts are behaving though, even if Leo seems so be ready to break the bathroom sink again.

The big girls catch up on their homework before school

And it pays off, all our girls come home with A grades

Ronja and Pernilla grow up to young adults and acquire the traits Self-assured and Gloomy respectively.

Then it’s Johanna’s turn, our current heir.

An evil Kleptomaniac, that would for sure be a challenge for an heir… Her LTW is Curator, which could be fun

Looking good!

Time for the girls to start contributing to the household. Pernilla accepts a job as Scientist and Ronja as a painter.

Labour time!

It’s a girl! Our new heir Kjerstin is born on Tuesday week 36 at 5.35 am.

Then Johanna causes a kitchen fire, but she’s quickly putting it out herself.

Ronja’s father Robert, who obviously died, sends an SMS to Ronja congratulating her on her new job.

Gustav and Jonathan do not like their new sister.

Jaana’s friend Anders likes her though. And he might be our next baby father!

After breaking the appliances, Jonas the ghost (Jonathan's father) makes himself useful and feeds the baby

Without any ceremony whatsoever, Jaana grows up to an adult. She’s too busy fixing her computer to even care that there was no celebration.

It’s time for a party anyway, since Gustav will grow up.

We bring the party to the park for once. Jaana tends the bar and her brother Lennart (no 27) does the catering in the far background.

But before any celebrations can start, Jaana’s other brother Bertil (no 25) falls down dead. Brother Kasper (no 26) stands by her side.

The death takes forever, and in the meantime we have no party progress whatsoever

Then we have the next problem. The cake is not properly placed on the table and candles cannot be added. Several manouevers are tried without success. Jaana could try to steal it though! Didn’t try that.

Finally in the last moments of the party we succeed to get the cake on the counter and add candles to it.

Needless to say, the party is not a roaring success

Regardless, Gustav grows up to a Creative Rambunctious scamp.

He looks a lot like Jaana. He’s very sad though

Anders is very sad too, but he’s becoming a love interest for Jaana.

Back home, Kjerstin grows up to a Clingy blond toddler.

Anders is invited over again, and we realize that the house is almost full with six kids living at home.

Since Pernilla and Ronja are already young adults, they are moved out to live with their brother Markus. His father died so he’s alone in his house now.

The youngest kids bond in the office/Tv room.

Waiting for her sadness to wear off, Jaana fixes the appliancies for the umpthiest time. Jonas, the ghost (Johanna's father) helps out with mopping.

Gustav is very helpful with his little sister.

Kjerstin also spends time with her father, and even mimics his look.

Finally on Saturday, Jaana’s mood is better and she can continue her relation with Anders.

She moves fast!

She gets pregnant instantly but Anders freaks out

The rest of the weekend is calm. The kids do their homework together

And Markus invites the family over to his house.

Anders is there too.

And as a last note, we arrange a club gathering at home. 65 babies to go.


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Apr. 9th, 2018 10:45 pm (UTC)
I'm getting a little bit behind on reading these it seems. Grats on the new heir! Hopefully she'll get better traits than Johanna did. Does anyone have high enough handiness to do some unbreakable mods on the plumbing and such to save you some headaches of having to repair them constantly?
Apr. 14th, 2018 07:10 am (UTC)
It's Jaana herself that are becoming a bit handy, but she doesn't really have time to work on upgrades :)
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