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100 Baby Challenge - Week 35, Rude Villareal

Last time, Jaana joined the Avantgardists. Jonathan was born and grew up to a Clingy toddler. Ronja grew up to a Kleptomaniac teen. Johanna grew up to an Evil Whiz kid. The ghosts were active and mostly useful, even though they broke everything. Markus grew up to a Creative young adult.

Week 35 starts with Jaana Nyberg, young adult, her two sons and three daughters. The kids are one young adult, one teen, two children and one toddler. Jaana is pregnant by Gunther Munch and expects her sixth child.

It’s becoming a tradition, Jaana passed out on the floor when we start off the week.

This is also a tradition. Everything breaks due to the ghosts.

Despite being in labour, Jaana manages to sleep a bit longer.

And look, Linnea makes herself useful.

Another tradition has been to have a baby in the beginning of the week. This week it’s a boy, born at 06.07 am on Monday morning. He gets the name Gustav.

Markus is inspired. He didn’t have time to shower, or to get dressed.

Pernilla comes home with A grades and it’s time for a party! (Again)


She grows up to become a Self-assured Party Animal. So far her personality is an exact clone of her mother!

Hey guys, can you please stop dying on our lot, it upsets the family!

Despite the sadness it’s time for Gustav to grow up. He looks exactly like Jonathan, except that he has Jaana’s extremely light eyes.

Jaana tries to get closer to Hugo, her club friend, but she’s exhausted and falls asleep in a bush.

Back home, despite having quite some money, we don’t have enough to pay the bills again.

And the computer is broken so Jaana cannot work.

Luckily painting is an analogue activity, and Markus paints a Masterpiece!

Completely drained, Jaana sends her latest book for publishing.

Since we had another boy, Johanna is still our heir. She’s usually ignored just as much as the other kids though. Even when she’s got a monster under her bed.

Breakfast! It’s Jonathan’s birthday and he’s miserable.

Hugo wants to cheer Jaana up. That’s great! Of course we’ll come over to your place!

Here we are. Now cheer her up!

A little flirting maybe?

No, apparently not…

OK, let’s have some lunch. Jaana’s childhood friend Kjell is here.

But apparently, this is the Villareal’s private home, huge as a country club, and Luna Villareal (who is she anyway, not Hugo’s daughter I hope?) throws Jaana out, very rudely at that!

“Come on, Kjell, let’s go and leave these inhospitable people alone”

They just hit home when Hugo asks Jaana out again.
“No, I won’t come, your rude family JUST threw me out of your house”

Instead, let’s celebrate Jonathan’s birthday

He grows up to be a Social Butterfly Bookworm. The bookworm trait seems to be very dominant.

Jaana takes the opportunity to flirt with Kjell.

But then she faints again.

Look, Jaana’s brother Kasper (no 26) has become an elder!

After the party, Markus moves out to live with his father Magnus.

“Come on, Kjell, we have known each other a lifetime!”

What?! Not pregnant??

And it’s Jaana’s birthday! Oh no, let’s try again!

Yes, pregnant!

Naaw, pity that she can’t keep him.

Everything is broken and we have decided that Pernlla will be our dedicated repairman, while Ronja will paint for money. We need to get this household back on track!

It has been a while since we looked at the family tree. For being on the verge of adulthood, Jaana is behind schedule. She’s got no twins and no fertility bonus. We need to start concentrating on that. As we have decided before, the last baby will come when the first kid, in this case Markus, will be an adult.

Having two younger brothers, Johanna is still the heir. It is not so likely though that she will be that in the end, Jaana should have at least four more kids we hope.

Kjell invites Jaana on a date, and since it’s Saturday night she accepts

They find a cupboard to make out in

But then she spends some time with Anders, who she has also known since childhood, and they stargaze together.

Then Markus calls: “Hey, Mom, there’s a party at the ruins, come here!”

And since she’s a party animal, she brings Anders and they go over there.

Back home, Johanna and Gustav plays cutely together

Sunday is spent with calmer activities, like reading books to the children

And spending time with the fathers. 66 babies to go.

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